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Comment Re:Imagine (Score 3, Informative) 278

But you also get expandability, and of particular interest in your specific case Resolve leverages multiple GPUs so if things start to slow down you can simply add another GPU to the HP system and you're good to go, to improve the performance on the iMac you have to scrap the entire system, including the display, and buy a new one.

That is not true -- macOS High Sierra supports external Thunderbolt 3 connected GPUs.


Comment Re:Weirdly? (Score 1) 290

Baloney. I am Jewish and I don't know any Jews who celebrate Christmas. I doubt any Muslim or Hindu celebrates Christmas.

My Jewish sister-in-law celebrates Xmas. My Muslim wife does as well. You just need to expand the number of people you know.


Comment Re:Weirdly? (Score 1) 290

Newsflash: most people are not Christians.

Yeah -- some people are...Canadians.

Traditionally the big sale season in Canada has always been the Boxing Week Sales immediately after Xmas. This is the time to get next years wrapping paper and decorations ultra-cheap, and to pickup the stuff Santa didn't bring you for a discount. For many households, it was both the time to stock-up for next year, and to get some big ticket items when they were cheap.

For the last several years some chains have been trying to push "Black Friday" sales in order to compete with online retailers in the US, and people who go cross-border shopping for deals. To be honest, I don't know a single person here in Canada that gets all that excited for Black Friday sales here in Canada. It's not a holiday for us, so people are only going to get to the stores on the Saturday or Sunday at best, and it feels like an artificial, unauthentic sale imported from the US. The "deals" generally aren't that great, and you don't get lineups outside the doors (that I've seen) or people trampling each other to get what few "door crashers" may exist at any given store.

As a lifelong Canuck, you guys can keep your Black Friday sale. If I need something I'll catch the Boxing Week sales like my parents and grandparents before me[0].


[0] - Yeah, I'm probably just going to order from Amazon. Screw the crowds and parking! :P

Comment Re:C was technically obsolete by the 1970s (Score 2) 595

BTW. Probably the most evil thing that C has inflicted upon the world is counting from 0. All pre C languages count from 1, as do children. And then it all changed. And we will live with off by one errors for the rest of time.

Can I just leave this here?. I feel like I need to leave this here for you to read.


Comment Re:Best language for scientific/numerical work? (Score 1) 595

In my ideal world, there would be 3 layers, scripting/incrementally compiled managed-code/native code.

That's pretty easy to achieve, via Groovy/Java/JNI. I have no idea how suitable it is for the work you're doing, but you can certainly write Java classes that use native methods via JNI, and then script those classes through Groovy.


Comment Re:"Activation" is the problem here (Score 1) 82

Why these phones even need "activation" rather than just "insert your SIM card and everything starts working" like with every phone I have ever owned is beyond me.

For the last several generations, iPhones (and iPads with cellular data FWIW) feature "Apple SIM", a programmable SIM that can be used with multiple carriers. The system is setup online, and allows you to pick your carrier and plan directly from the device. This is especially useful if you travel internationally -- as soon as you hit the tarmac in another country, you can register and get online with a local provider. It does, however, require an activation stage to program the SIM.

Of course, if you want to insert a standard micro SIM you can still do that, no activation necessary.


Comment Re:The clues for this have been around for a while (Score 1) 299

I thought that when the robot that was looking to the end of one of the "Star Shafts" (back in 2002), a chamber like this was hypothesized because the robot came to the "door" at the end of the shaft.

They did finally send in another probe to drill a hole in the door, revealing a tiny compartment with either a back wall or another door. There has been no further attempts permitted since.

Not that it matters -- those shafts come from the Queens Chamber, and don't intersect at all with the newly discovered chamber, as can be seen in this diagram. The newly discovered chamber(s) are immediately above the Grand Gallery.


Comment Re:It's entropy (Score 1) 163

The entropy of any computer system will tend to increase with system and application updates - databases will grow, files will fragment and access to them will slow.

(Emphasis added).

All iOS devices use solid-state storage. As SSDs have built-in wear levelling, at the physical layer everything larger than a 4k file is always fragmented. As there is no seek time, reads from any given sector take exactly the same amount of time, regardless of what sector was read last.

There can be a tiny increase in read time on an SSD if a file is fragmented at the filesystem level, as a sector range can potentially be processed more efficiently than a sector list, however this processing is going to happen at the CPU clock speed, which is way faster than the SSD bus speed; while a tiny measurable difference may be possible, I doubt if a human could tell the difference on a standard iOS device.

Point being, fragmentation isn't an issue in these devices. And FWIW, Apple converted all iOS devices capable of running iOS 10 to APFS starting back in March; APFS doesn't bother to do online defragmentation when running on SSDs as is causes more wear levelling, with no real performance benefit (to the defrag -- APFS is much more efficient on SSDs than HFS+ was, providing a global performance boost for disk I/O operations).


Comment Re:Apple has suffered a massive brain drain. (Score 1) 135

OS X was one of the best things that ever happened to Apple. System 7 to OS 9 were preemptive multitasking, where if one program didn't call a WaitNextEvent(), the entire OS would freeze, necessitating a hard reset.

That's not preemptive multitasking -- that's cooperative multitasking. OS X is preemptive.


Comment Re:So Apple.... (Score 0) 135

A bigger issue is that when you plug an unformatted disk in, it pops up the usual message that its unreadable and to initialize it. Clicking initialize opens disk util which then does not show the unformatted drive (which it did in all previous versions). So for the average user, this could be confusing.

Yeah, but what "average user" is buying an unformatted drive? Virtually everything is pre-formatted out of the factory these days so users don't have to format in order to start using their new drives.

A dumb bug to be sure -- but the impact should only be to those who have blanked out a drive on their own without re-formatting/re-initializing it at the same time.


Comment Re:So Apple.... (Score 0) 135

How do you expect to format a drive to make it appear when you can't make it appear to format the drive?

Okay -- it's a pretty dumb bug. One that is hopefully fixed quickly.

From a practical point however, how many people are actually ever going to run into this? The drive hardware built into Macs is pre-formatted, so it won't trigger this bug. Likewise, virtually every other external drive you can buy these days is pre-formatted, so again -- you're not going to be able to trigger this bug unless you erase the drive without re-initializing it at the same time.


Comment Re:Features removed, Fing neutered (Score 5, Informative) 139

I use Fing quite a bit for quick network scans. It's super useful because it identifies a large number of devices by brand. It does this by using MAC addresses.

Unfortunately, allowing apps to access your MAC address gives them a unique device identifier that can be sent over the network and used for tracking. Apple has removed this tracking vector. It sounds like Fing found the one useful non-tracking use for MAC addresses, and it got caught up in the security improvements.


Comment Re:RTFS much? (Score 1) 114

Mea culpa. As I mentioned above, however, the BBC reported that the URLs were to iOS 11 GM code. The BBC misreported, and I based my comment off the bit of misinformation. What they should have said was that the binaries were leaked.

I'd still say that's bigger (for Apple) than your usual "rumour" leak. At the very least, they have an unknown untrustworthy actor within their organization, who is acting with an agenda against the company in general.


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