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Comment I'm doing just this Re:Hahaha (Score 1) 315

I was recently involved in putting together a small team to provide MIS reporting in an area where there's never been an MIS team, or any decent kind of metric other than volume, and identified mistake, before. Important how to define mistake, as they are often lagged, by days, months, or years, yet somewhere down the line a financial impact is identified. How is your team structured, how did you tailor the structure to the task?

The team consists:

  • A recent graduate that's got about 6 months 'pit face' experience in the business area, likes to learn and background not technical but picks it up like a sponge;
  • Someone really driven academically that decided to come into the workforce. Finance background, numbers are relevant. Wants to be a high fligher, will learn anything if required;
  • Someone that's got an impressive retail management background over short period of time, good service attitude and serious people manager ambition. Didn't like as she described the tedium of regional store management, complete career shift, and pay cut but she's still nicely comfortable. A good financial toolbox no longer getting wasted;
  • Serious C#, VBA and R skill person. Only a couple of years experience, good people person being coached by someone in another department to open them up to career ambition - quite happy doing what is currently doing but want to make sure they feel there are options if they want them;
  • Leading the team, an AVP from sales side taken the leap from Manager to AVP. Technically sound in C#, VBA, not R, managing small sales teams. Getting coaching on how technology and operations teams function, different scopes of influence, resource and motivation, etc. Subtly goal focused to make a team doing perform an MIS role for the first time. He has full liberty on metrics he wants to produce, as long as there's something and as long as his team can scale requests which will surely increase when others in the business realize metrics can be done - then we'll pass it to a BA and PM and the team will be rewarded with promotions all round.

In the above we tried to keep redundancy in key skill set for the task, mainly utilising our required Office packages plus SQL which I didn't mention but some have, while mixing it up with some strong skill flashes in all that can let them have an individual impact. Hopefully we'll tread new water and everyone will do well. Key is, did you and/or OP think how to structure your team, or were you just 'selected' as an existing team to fulfill a new task?

Comment Re:Why Amiga? (Score 1) 289

I remember that game! I played it for hours too, on a 386DX 20MHz with 4MB of RAM and a 512k ISA video card. I don't know if it would have played on a lower spec'd PC, that's just what I had. As I had no sound card, there was no sound.

Submission + - Baidu Hacked by Iran

Uber Banker writes: Baidu is suddenly unavailable, with sources all over China confirming this. It seems that China’s most popular search engine, with a market share of over 77% has been hacked by Iranian hackers. At present, the website is unavailable, but we have found a screenshot from Twitter users Budi Putra and doubleaf. It seems that the website has been DNS hacked by Iranian Cyber Army, the same guys that hacked Twitter a few weeks ago.

Comment Re:Protection? (Score 1) 343

I'd be curious on the use of a ~100mph airship for international cargo usage - much faster than boat, potentially much cheaper than plane. (Does it even have to be manned?) Also interesting that weight rather than bulk is the main issue. The ship in the article mentioned a ton of cargo - that is not very much.

Comment Re:What a nice gift to progressives (Score 1) 881

It is not verbatum copying, it is taking key points, re-wording them, and passing them off as originally sourced. That happens all the time, especially to decent blogging and discussion forums. And it happens on the low level. For example if a lazy journalist wants to make a Japan related story, they need only visit Japundit, pick something interesting, and re-word it. And in the majority of cases no attribution is given. That's what I mean by bad form.

Comment Re:What a nice gift to progressives (Score 5, Interesting) 881

Also as a publisher of a small Online Community Newspaper, I hope that Gannett and the other big news publishing companies follow suit. It's win win for me.

I often see how independent small publishers break stories, only for larger organisations to source from, but not attribute their source, several days later. This is especially true of quality blogs and online communities in niche interest or geographical areas - I run one of these. Not attributing and mandatory charging for a derivative work is not good form.

I would like to know the IP range that Murdoch companies use, in order to block them from my content.

The Internet

Submission + - SPAM: The future of Shared Hosting is here!

An anonymous reader writes: Matt Heaton, President of BlueHost and Hostmonster, shares new technologies which will rock the world of shared web hosting with new products and services due in the next month, CPU Protection and CPU Core leasing. No more users hogging all the CPU. No more CPU cycle quotas. Simply, the most amazing technology to hit Shared Hosting since cPanel.
Link to Original Source

Submission + - Google Hijacks Domain Name ( 4

rickyrick74 writes: Google is literally *stealing* someone's domain name against their will even though they own the domain name legitimately and have paid for it! The registrar is GoDaddy and they are transferring the domain name to Google for ownership against the will of the current owner without a court order. The domain name is Here's the story told in the words of the domain's current owner:

Can you imagine my shock when I opened up an email telling me our website domain name (YOUTUBEISLAM.COM) is being taken over by GOOGLE and their video site — YOUTUBE? Here is more or less what we were told:

NOTICE: Effective August 5th, 2009 Google (owner of will take over your domain name: YOUTUBEISLAM.COM.

Although we have purchased the name "YOUTUBEISLAM.COM" and have renewed for several years through GODADDY.COM it seems GOOGLE has enough influence to just simply take our domain name from us — and by the way, we have even paid for it all the way through to next year.

First, their lawyers contacted us saying they were going to take our domain because we copied their logo. We didn't even come close to their logo. (look for yourself

They next came up with saying our name was too similar to their name. We changed the name and the layout to read: and we even registered that as a trade name. We changed the logo and the images to reflect the new name.

They said they went into "arbitration" (of course we were not invited to that meeting) and then our registrar (GODADDY.COM) notified us they are "transferring" our domain name over to GOOGLE.

We have always maintained the highest of standards on our site — We never allowed any videos with inappropriate material. We did not allow videos that insulted or put down other religions. No dating or suggestive materials. No bad language. Only topics fit for all the family. We paid for the bandwidth from our own pockets to make sure everything was always as it should be without having people click and wind up on websites attacking beliefs or making fun of believers and certainly nothing to hurt people's feelings.

Whatever you think of Islam and Muslims, there is no justification for stealing a domain name without due process of law. So much for not being evil! Google has officially become the Evil Corporation it explicitly said it would not become. Shame on you Google! You can see a video about it on their site.

Comment Re:Postal addresses identify houses!I (Score 1) 222

I think you identified they key point well: It's not what PII is, or what something judged 'not-PII' is, it is what is done with any piece of information collected. That should be well defined, and if usage of PII or non-PII data is in breach of an agreement (for example whether and IP address is PII or isn't PII, if a service decide to sniff me on an IP address, as an example, as a result of my using their service, that should be changeable, rather than whether or not an IP address is PII).

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