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Comment Re:Grrr. (Score 1) 138

Environmental stupidity on display...

Thanks for the warning, sport.

So, you somehow think we can just cut over to "green" and the resulting cost and economic impacts be dammed?

Name the cost and economic impacts of the move I described.

Take what you can easily get.

That's what this is. It's actually easier than natgas conversion, because you don't have to do anything to the vehicles. Green diesel is a 1:1 replacement for petro diesel (it doesn't cause any of the problems that biodiesel causes) and butanol is a 1:1 replacement for gasoline which only causes the same problems that supplementing fuel with ethanol causes.

Comment Re:States rights is racist? (Score 1) 347

The Constitution that was written by white supremacists? Sorry if the world thinks that a document that Richard Spencer wrote is invalid. Did Afro-Americans have any input into it? They didn't, so how can they be ruled by it? They never consented, never voted, the whole thing needs to be torn up and redone, with anti-racism being a founding principle from the start. Nothing discredited about the US government? Was that before or after they infected black people with syphilis and genocided the native Americans and invaded Iraq on false pretenses?

Comment Re: No need for it any more (Score 1) 298

You are talking about a purely fictional situation, that you made up in your head, about Putin invading Europe. Without America the European militaries could easily handle Putin - if they spent any money on them, which they don't, because they have a sucker to do it for them.

The really unforgivable acts are committed by calm people in beautiful rooms at the US State Department, who deal death wholesale, by the shipload, without lust, or anger, or desire, or any redeeming emotion to excuse them but cold fear of some pretended future. But the crimes they hope to prevent in the future are imaginary. The ones they commit in the present--they are real.

Comment Re: No need for it any more (Score 1) 298

That is 100% pure American Exceptionalism and Obama himself spent considerable time debunking that very concept. Nobody believes in it any more except a bunch of jingoist fools and alt-right trolls.

The Myth of the Indispensable Nation: The world doesn't need the United States nearly as much as we like to think it does. Like many foreign policy concepts overwhelmingly endorsed by officials and policymakers, this one has little basis in reality. If you consider everything encompassing global affairs - from state-to-state diplomatic relations, to growing cross-border flows of goods, money, people, and data - there are actually very few activities where America's role is truly indispensable, defined by Webster's as "absolutely necessary." The problem with allowing this classification of Americaâ(TM)s global role to persist is that it is so patently false, and thus an illogical basis upon which to base and prescribe U.S. grand strategy. Indispensable nations on the right side of history don't lose votes in the UN 200-9.

Comment Re: No need for it any more (Score 1) 298

There is evil in the world. There are those who want to take what others have, fanatics bent on eradicating modernity and Liberal democracy, power hungry maniacs with genocidal intentions

Thank you! Yes! I couldn't have said with better words myself the reason that America must be restrained. Was America a force for good when it attacked Mexico? Spain? Germany? Germany? Korea? Viet Nam? Afghanistan? Iraq? Libya? Syria? Yemen? How long will you go on kidding yourself?

America is a sick country, always has been. From the good old days when we importing Africans as slaves and murdering Native Americans so we could steal their land; to our nefarious role in overthrowing democratic governments in South America and Iran and replacing them with horrible dictators; to our imperialist adventures in Korea and Vietnam to the unneeded and uncalled for invasion if Iraq, which has destabilized the entire Middle East - we've shown the world that we are indeed exceptional we've actually accomplished what Napoleon and Hitler only dreamed of - setting up a nationalist empire that dominates much of the globe.

The faux "Pax Americana" brought us unprovoked wars, illegal coups, regime changes, shock and awe, ultra-right wing or jihadi proxy armies, cluster bombs, depleted uranium, agent orange, CIA backed mujahideen, death squads, torture, assassinations, extraordinary renditions, black sites, Guantanamo, drone wars, big brother and the surveillance state, etc. Countries that don't waste their resources playing world cop are able to afford social protections for their citizens and wind up with more prosperous, secure, and successful societies. For example - Canada, Norway, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland.

Comment Re: No need for it any more (Score 1) 298

What on Earth are you talking about? It has nothing to do with protecting America from threats. Reality is that America has long ceased to be a force for good. In this century America has invaded more countries, started more wars and killed more civilians than any other Nation on this earth - and this includes Russia under Putin. The Mid-East is littered with graves of innocent men, women and children blown up by bombs from 30,000 feet. Dropped from American planes.

It was Obama who pushed the Russians and Chinese together, not Trump, after his sanctions against Russia in response to the Ukrainian fiasco. It was Obama who fomented a civil war from a domestic situation in a thoroughly corrupt country, Ukraine, when he sent the CIA director to advise the coup government in Kiev the day before they declared war on their own citizens in the east of the country.

It was Obama who degraded the dignity and respect of America's foreign services when he declared that Raymond Davis, CIA, Blackwater contractor James Bond wannabe, a diplomat entitled to the highest level of diplomatic immunity after he killed two Pakistani citizens with an illegal gun, thus severely damaging diplomatic relations with that country.

It was Obama who exacerbated an already unstable situation in Syria when he armed the so-called resistance fighters, thus making sure the country blew up into a full fledged civil war. The war in Syria never was one for diplomatic reforms. It is just a battle among factions, many who are not inclined to respect American values.

I have some bad news for you. There's no universal law that has anointed the U.S. the honor of being "the greatest country in history." You're far from being a "global force for good." In fact, the rest of the world has learned, in one short year, just how phony and shallow your leadership actually is. You can hardly fund your schools, fix your infrastructure or provide decent care to the majority of your people. You're too busy funding a bloated military welfare complex and feathering the nests of your (non-productive) corporations and rent-collecting elites. Don't despair, China seems willing and capable of helping the world move further into the 21st Century through vision and investment. I've been to Germany recently and they are investing in their infrastructures and people.

So go ahead, keep telling yourselves that you're "great!" The rest of the world knows the truth and you can't handle the truth.

Comment Re: No need for it any more (Score 1) 298

Yaknow, if you're taking your foreign policy knowledge from a satire movie from 2004, I think the adults can safely ignore what you have to say. America is the world's #1 leading warmongering nation, starts more wars than anyone else, second place isn't even close. America is the asshole country that needs to be stopped. Why do you think your elites hate your new president so much? He's been in office almost a year and still hasn't started any new wars!

Comment Re: No need for it any more (Score 1) 298

Europeans have not been paying their fair share of NATO for decades. NATO is supposed to be a *mutual* defense treaty, not a free ride for ungrateful pricks. America pays billions every year to subsidize European defense, sounds like a shakedown to me. Then the Europeans turn right around and heartlessly criticize America for being warmongers - and yet if America ever decided to stop warmongering and tend to its own affairs, Europeans scream "you're leaving us to Russia, get back here you isolationists". You know, like they did in 2017.

It seems like the other countries are like America's crazy girlfriend. Saying how we always make things worse and that one day another big strong country is going to come along and sweep them off their feet. One day we get sick of it. We say we need some space and it's not you, it's us. We just need some time to work on ourself. Suddenly crazy gf countries start crying about how they can't live without us... But we know now. We were just a sugar daddy all along.

Comment Re:Grrr. (Score 1) 138

I'm just suggesting that it might be a good sort term solution as a viable motor fuel that would give us better emissions for the same work with a minimum of fuss and trouble.

Existing refineries can be jiggered to make green diesel out of algal lipids, butanol can be made fairly cheaply to replace gasoline, and we should simply proceed with electrification if we want to improve emissions. (In the short term, we can also add heated catalysts, which drastically improve cold-start emissions; these go hand in hand with hybrid systems, which provide the power to heat the catalyst.) Fracking is bad for water supplies, and increasing natgas production means doing more fracking, so it's not a good plan on any time scale.

Comment Re:Speed wasn't SR-71's problem. (Score 2) 298

Hopefully, if such satellite killers exist, they capture and drag their targets out of orbit instead of blowing them up, that would be truly irresponsible.

Why go to all that trouble? Just burn their sensors and communications equipment, and let their orbit decay. Actually blowing them up would take more energy, so it would cost more.

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