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Comment The sad fact of this entire argument (Score 1) 737

Is that the ENTIRE argument is over cause, not effect.

Because, fundamentally, the people bemoaning "warming" say "we need to clean up our act" (at its most basic level) and those claiming "there's nothing wrong" say we need to do nothing.

Irrespective of which side is technically correct, isn't "make the world a significantly better place" a worthwhile goal?

The "but it's expensive" argument is 100% pure "but the industry where I made my billions will make less profit" and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING MORE.

So STFU, cleanup everything, and IF that just happens to stave off a global catastrophe then that's BONUS.

Comment Re:IT WAS CRIMINAL (Score 1) 664

Private property is called that for a specific reason.

Despite the fact that said resident may well have violated laws against Discharge Of A Firearm, I would unreservedly applaud the man should he have taken down the unwelcome electronic device with more direct physical means. (rake, high pressure hose, slingshot)

The Unrepentant Owner can quite happily GO SUCK ON IT.

Feel free to admit in court that you TRESPASSED ON MY PROPERTY while you try to claim against the damages I did to your piece of electronics.

For Clarity: personal drones are awesome, there should NOT be unreasonable and unfair regulation against people enjoying themselves, HOWEVER when people think that LAWS AGAINST TRESPASS can be ignored just because THEY themselves are not physically present deserve to be locked up FOR A LONG LONG TIME.

Have fun, respect the law, respect OTHER PEOPLES RIGHTS (privacy, peace, etc)

Comment Re:Possibly misattributed to Isaac Asimov, but... (Score 3, Funny) 265

"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not Eureka! (I found it!) but rather, 'hmm... that's funny...'" - Isaac Asimov

Usually followed shortly thereafter by "I wonder: was that just a random event or will it do that a second time...."

Sometimes followed by: "... Dialing 911 ..."

Comment Re:In two minds about this (Score 1) 125

Dare I say I actually agree with the government that it's unfair on local businesses that purchasing the goods overseas can be tax free (for goods under $1000, everything else was subject to import duties and GST anyway).

you need to put down the crackpipe. People buying stuff overseas is NOT about them wanting to save on the TINY amount that GST introduces.

Seriously folks, GST on $1000 is how much exactly? oh yeah it's $100.

Yet you see things like womens shoes for $700 here and LITERALLY HALF THAT in America, and more often than not THAT INCLUDES FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING.

Australian consumers are BEING RIPPED OFF left, right and centre and retarded businesses CRY FOUL AND GET THE GST APPLIED even though IT CHANGES NOTHING other than FURTHER RIPPING OFF CONSUMERS.

That GST goes to the government, not ANY business, and your POTENTIAL customers who buy from overseas because YOUR PRICES ARE UNJUSTIFIABLY HIGH (seriously, more than twice the price IS unjustifiable) are NOT going to buy from you because their prices increased by 10%.

Having said that: I make a point of BUYING LOCALLY rather than "from the internet" (despite the convenience, and cost savings) as long as my additional cost is NOT SERIOUSLY SIGNIFICANT.

yes folks, I have in the past and will in the future continue to buy "here" rather than "online" despite the fact that it costs me (a little) more, but if I can find *exactly* the same thing for 50% or even 100% more than the 'internet' price, I WILL shop online.

Comment Re:Becaues Slashdotters are qualified for an answe (Score 1) 616

rational anti-vaxxers

Assuming you don't mean people with autoimmune disorders or legitimate allergies, I'm really curious to know what exactly falls into this category.

Just to be clear, people in those groupings you mentioned aren't actually "anti-vaxers" they're just people who cannot take (some/all) vaccinations.

By this I mean they're not against the principle of vaccination, and they most likely DESPERATELY WISH THEY COULD.

Comment Re:Remember the good old days? (Score 1) 351

The purpose of a free press is to promote a knowledgeable society. If the agenda is to stomp out the stupidity of the masses and their dangerous influence over lawmakers then yes, I welcome these agenda-toting muckrakers of truth with open arms.

No, the purpose of The Press is to sow Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt amongst the general population and THEN (and ONLY then) to TELL PEOPLE HOW, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE AND WHY to think.

At least, that's (a) what the politicians believe (b) what the editors believe (c) what most of the people end up believing.

Comment Re:CurrentC does not solve for the Customer (Score 1) 631

Looking through CurrentC it does everything for Merchants, and nothing for customers.

- Requires to be tied to checking account or debit card - Customer assumes 100% of liability for fraud (?!) - Retailer can gather all purchase data on a customer - Requires multistep actions including scanning QR codes

What benefit is in there for the customer? You know people are going to freak out around the liability part. I know the retailers want to reduce their transaction fee, but unless they throw some level of enticement (such as a discount) you probably won't see adoption of this. Conversely a discount will just nullify the transaction fee. I'm of the belief CurrentC is DOA.

And the funny thing is that the consortium pushing CurrentC literally TELLS YOU that "CurrentC is ALL for the benefit of the customer".

Specifically: they're a pack of lying thugs, fuck'em all.

Pay them with single dollar bills whenever possible, ideally when they force you to use CurrentC tell them to go jump for being a bunch of lying thugs and mongrels, and then walk out and shop elsewhere.

Comment Re:As a protest to the use of these devices, (Score 1) 162

I suggest that everyone who has to go through the scanner reach down into their pants and stick their finger into their butt hole just before they have to point their finger at the detector.

Why do it yourself, when it only takes a *little* encouragement before THE TSA offers to insert THEIR finger in your butthole?

Keeping in mind that THE TSA will not stop until their knuckles are knocking your uvula, or further press-the-digit-ation is blocked at their shoulder (whichever comes last).

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