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Comment Re:Off the edge of civilization (Score 1) 128

Correction: 8 miles, which still seems far for the UK. (16 miles is the round trip.)

I think there are good roads so not a massive amount of time needed to make the trip. Being on life critical duty is the reason it is hard.

O.T. The furthest point from the coast in the UK;

Comment Rappelz (Score 1) 157

Even if your one of the free players you see some players are paying $$ thousands into the cash shop.

Best of all the cash shop items are tradeable for in game items, so free players may not entirely loose out, (but at the cost of farming more.) Latest addition is an alter donation system that may take money out of the games economy by giving rewards to the rich, seems better than the lottery most F2P games have.

The free game give the violence and sex. The cash shop adds the gambling (can you get the rare pet) and drugs (Stamina Savers - double experience.)

Doubt the revenues will be made public though.

Comment Re:hey (Score 1) 162

If you mean to sign up for this, don't bother. Tabula rasa went "free" but for whatever reason they still needed your credit card number to sign up.

Not for me it didn't. Just a message to their support team as was written. (maybe it was changed after.)

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