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Comment Re:This is an ad, right? (Score 1) 150

Not really impressive, there are already loads of phones beteween $30 and $50 USD being sold in Asia, most running stripped down versions of android. They may recapture some of the audience from back when Nokia was considered a leading brand, but this segment of the market is already flooded with 'China Phones', most offer better features as well.

Comment Re:Enough already (Score 2) 57

I agree with you, one difference though. There are tablets out there that have 2560x1600 pixels or more, and people with 20/20 that want everything to be tiny. The problem is the lack of choice, most apps dont include any way to shrink the giant fisher price widgets and 20 point fonts. I know I can change dpi settings per app with root, but this doesn't address poor UI design and the trend toward bigger, more white space, and fewer configuration options.

Comment Re:Not a win (Score 2) 228

It's not about terrorism, it's about mass surveillance and the wildest dreams of people like Robert Hannigan. Osama and others were unpleasant for sure, but they also provided a convenient excuse for an enormous power grab. Every country with one or more three letter agencies were moving firmly in this direction since the early 90's (storage started to get cheap), we'd be in exactly the same place right now anyway, just that nobody would be talking about it.

This was lost decades ago.

Comment Re:"Intelligence" is not earned. (Score 4, Interesting) 160

Malcolm Gladwell has an interesting take with his 10,000 hour theory. If you are passionate about something and you live and breath it for long enough, you obviously get good at it. Most people are not quite so fanatical - but this is a choice, meaning they could be if they wanted to. And what is intelligence anyway? How do you quantify it such that one person is born with more of it than someone else?

Comment Re:Doesn't give warm fuzzies (Score 4, Interesting) 162

I write medical imaging software, surounded by dozens of doctors every day that are not just out of earshot of the patients but sometimes not even in the same country. My sample size is obviously not representative of much at all, though at least in my tiny corner of the world the situation is the total opposite of what you describe. These people sigh and get upset when they see terminal disease, they cry when children are dying, they don't enjoy seeing people hurt and don't waste a second if it means life or death. They are often detached but they still care.

Don't mistake the human factor for doctors that are worried about getting sued because someone broke their pinky finger and had to wait for the guy having a heart attack to be treated first.

Comment Re:But Terrizm! (Score 2) 233

I'm a former electronic warfare drone (Australian Navy) - I worked with radar and satellite primarily, though I also covered a myriad of other RF systems.

With your logic you also need to discount the southerly route not just because Malaysia and Thailand did nothing, but also because Indonesia never saw the aircraft. Further, Australian agencies have said they never saw anything even though the entire region is bathed in OTH radar. Not a peep from Keeling or Christmas island.

It seems more logical (from my background) that the aircraft went north, though until it is found it would be far more appropriate to assume nothing. The Inmarsat analysis is interesting, but it isn't boiler plate and the lack of intermediate ping data fuels suspicion.

Comment Re:ELINT tinfoil hat (Score 3, Interesting) 382

You don't need a tinfoil hat to know the theory is entirely within the realms of possibility. VHF ACARS could certainly be received by a LEO bird. It could also be received by a passive ground source just as easily. You can even build your own receiver for a few hundred $USD.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 4, Insightful) 348

And you seem to have forgotten how to follow the money. Those profits don't come out of thin air. Public opinion is entirely within the interests of stockholders and company owners. When shareholders become absolute greedy fucks they need a smack upside the head so they get some perspective.

Comment Re:App permissions (Score 1) 333

They could, trivially, some do this quite well already. The problem is that android permissions are non-configurable without root so you either accept what you're told the app will use, or you don't install it. Thus developers make assumptions about what their application can do, they don't bother to catch exceptions because they assume (right or wrong) they don't need to.

Comment Re:Ever wonder why US unscrambled GPS Signals. (Score 1) 144

Now let me demystify your comment good sir, this time with some actual facts: The FCC order doesn't explicitly require phones with GPS at all, it requires the telco ultimately provide 50ft accuracy on location, then by 2018 they'll issue a deadline on when any device capable of calling 911 requires GPS.


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