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Comment Re:we need more competition -- Naive at best. (Score 1) 419

Methinks you've been brainwashed by the corporate line, and have taken it up, at best, and are disingenuous at worst. As is said in Matthew 25:32-33 "They will train an old goat, appropriately called a "Judas," to lead sheep to the pens for slaughter. A well-trained Judas will lead group after group of sheep to the slaughter all day long."

Comment Re:Well, Just Like Many Fields of Employment (Score 1) 419

Congradulations -- you've found a niche for yourself, where you can make a living or even shine. Your example is equivalent to a software engineer, being an expert in the C implementation of bubble sort, who persists in asking everyone who comes in the door, to demonstrate they know it as well. Why not give the community an example complex design you built, where you used your in-depth understanding of the theory of analog design, by describing it's corresponding differential model? Your equations will fit in this space. Bertrand Russell once said, "There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge." Socrates is reported to have said, "The more you know, the more you realize you know nothing." These are only two minor observerations, from which we might learn.

Comment Re:we need more competition -- Naive at best. (Score 2) 419

I have over 30 years working on the cutting edge of software development, at some the the leading companies in the field, in Silicon Valley. I have difficulty in restraining myself from challenging your credibility, so I'll focus on what you said. It is economics 101 that if there is a shortage of engineers, salaries should be increasing, until supply meets demand. There should be a lot of movement of engineers from company to company as the competion and salaries increase -- this isn't happening -- salaries remain flat. As you've read here, and elsewhere companies like Google and Apple have agreed not to seek to hire engineers from each other, eliminating competion in engineers and salaries. I know H1B software engineers working 60 to 70 hours a week, just so they can keep their jobs. Senior engineers, like myself and others I know, who have modern and even cutting edge skills, are sitting out, because we won't take the low salaries. I'm offered salaries in the neighborhood of the same salary I was making 20 years ago. I code and do research everyday, because it's what I love to do, not because I'm getting payed any longer. What's needed in not more H1B's but for the industry to stop manipulating the market for engineers and set the market free to work. I've been at this long enough to realize it won't happen -- the industry leaders will continue to manipulate the market, hold down salaries, abuse H1B's, and demand an increasing supply -- because they can. I and others I know, aren't employed, and aren't counted in the 2.2%, so the rate is higher. In my long career, I've never collected unemployment, so how would I ever be counted as unemployed, by the Labor Department?

Comment Re:Corp. Comm. (Score 1) 236

So the Microsoft Studios Creative Director's views have no impact on what he does at work? He has nothing to do with Microsoft. Wow. Then why is he a director? These Microsoft Corp. Comm. people are more disconnected from reality than I expected.

By the way, the new Windows 360 Office for 2013 ( or whatever it is called ) is moving towards always on cloud connectivity. And directors at Microsoft are actually idiots who have no impact on product direction. Give me a break. First, fire the Creative Director for speaking the truth. Next fire the Microsoft Corp. Comm. for regurgitating canned responses that makes the company look dumb.

Of course, the previous observation is only stating the obvious, which needs repeating. Microsoft, has always been managed by arrogance, and continues. They'll do whatever they want, and customers will have nothing to say about it, unless they vote with their dollars, in droves. Lest you think I'm a Sony troll, I say much the same about them -- I have a bricked Playstation III, which will stay bricked.

Comment Publishing alternative. (Score 1) 128

I would prefer to solve the problem of publishing research in an open, free, non-commercial environment, but don't know of one. I wonder, if it wouldn't be workable to self-publish on Amazon.com, which has the bandwidth, storage, and infrastructure to support the publishing of the research and associated reviews.

Submission + - Wi-Fi cell phone without data plan? 3

sheetsda writes: "I recently became eligible for a cell phone upgrade per my standard U.S. cell phone plan. I know from NetStumbling that I live in an area of ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage so I decided that a cell phone with Wi-Fi access made sense and that paying $350+ per year for a data plan did not. What I didn't count on was the audacity of the pre-installed crippleware on the Blackberry 8120 I picked up. It refused to let me install apps from anyone except my cell phone provider (who had very few and wanted between $5 and $10 for each of them), and demanded that I purchase a data plan to even do so much as a Google search (after having loaded the Google main page and Gmail from Wi-Fi without issue). Obviously, I returned the phone. Before I buy another I am interested to hear from the community which cell phones work well for Wi-Fi-only-data? Will I need to buy an unlocked phone or is there a trustworthy provider out there that doesn't cripple the phone while customizing the software?"

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