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Comment Re:h8 crymes (Score 1) 486

Sadly we have had educators claiming what "you" want is all that matters, to the detriment of millions of students.

I don't blame the instructors for that. I blame the parents. If parents don't expect their children to behave, the children will have no expectations to follow. I grew up in a household that children were expect to be seen than heard or else the belt came out. Teachers always marveled how quiet and polite I was.

Parents aren't allowed to use the belt anymore unless they want to do a lot of time in the county jail.

Kids nowadays are allowed to make their own rules and learn from a swath of mistakes that hit them in waves. When the wave passes, they feel invincible again; repeat.


Comment Not to beat a dead horse, but... (Score 2) 236

...Didn't they integrate some browser into an earlier version of their operating system at some point in the past, and get sued over it?

I wonder what happens if you integrate a running virtualized piece of software, loaded "into the OS" at all times, to remove the conceptual difference between "normal" and "excessive" power usage...?

Oh, and they just set the "new official industry standard for battery usage measurement"; one you must comply with in order to have their "certification".

Ima shut up now. Ahh, mem'ries.

Comment Re:Radio / TV (Score 1) 230

In these days of shifting from "Cable is King" to Cord Cutters... well, as far as I know, they did get the cable companies to put emergency interrupt capability in every fucking channel. But it's a bit hard to do that with Netflix, or even an https request.

And the problem with disaster emergencies is that they are so infrequent that the mindless masses have no clue what to do, because it hasn't happened since the last Oscars, and that's as far as they can remember before their ADD kicks in and they start wondering what all the gossip page celebrities are doing.

To make it worse, now mostly mundane stuff has become an "ALERT!!!!!111!!!", which contributes to giving everyone alert fatigue, and when something real happens, they don't even know if they are supposed to care. But a siren going off while they're trying to sleep? In the land of people calling 9-1-1 because their fast food isn't fast enough?

It doesn't surprise me. I wouldn't be at all phased if I found out that 90% of the younger generation has to get dressed and go out to their car to get access to a radio with broadcast receive capability. No, I'm not joking.

Comment Re:low birth rate better than cancer? (Score 2) 146

The Fukushima disaster was precipitated by the earthquake and tsunami, but it was cost-cutting measures that really are to blame. Human error is really to blame in all of these.

Amen, and people tend to forget that lessons are learned from errors/mistakes. That's HOW WE LEARN.

It's quite disappointing to our intelligence as a species that we act like others - stop progressing in an area where we are learning about all of the faults and weaknesses so they won't occur again. Why? Because we're scared that they will. It always seems best to "back out" at the best time to innovate and progress.

Comment Re: Remember guys, nuclear was killed in the boar (Score 1) 146

Its so dead in China they only have 21 new ones under construction. Plus the new one in the UK under construction with plans for more. Plus the rest under construction in Europe (Germany is slowly going over to renewables though).

That explains it. So THAT is why we want to dirty our relations with the EU!

Comment Re:No, Britain wants surveillance tools (Score 1) 137

Aaaaaaand he was a Muslim convert. What's your point? That if we hadn't imported tons of Islam he would still have converted?

Quite possibly. There is this thing called the Internet, you know.

So to circumvent the spreading of Islamic danger, we should control every form of communication? I see where this is going.

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