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Comment Track record (Score 2) 133

If this 'app' goes the way of the other FBI IT projects then we have no worries.

2001 Projected started just after 911. ... 2009 The FBI is years behind and millions over budget
2010 The FBI is $100 million over budget on the ... only half of the project's four-phase development had been completed
2011 The FBI's upgrade of its computerized case file system has hit another snag

Comment Re:Seems to me that the approach is all wrong (Score 1) 267

Back in the old days this was called protectionism. The weaklings of business protect themselves with laws that punish everyone else, especially the competition. These people are typically bullies that cannot make it on their own. There product is defective but not so much that they fail outright. So they hire a Chris Dodd and get a few laws passed. Right now free speech is at risk. These bullies will not be deterred. Eternal vigilance is required.

Comment Re:Spread the word (Score 1) 1002

One of our morning talk show hosts -- who's about as conservative as they come -- devoted most of his program to SOPA and PIPA this morming. As a result, a lot of people who'd never heard of it are now very annoyed and are expressing their displeasure toward their Congress Critters.

And the Congress critters are making meaningless noises of sympathy because it's good PR. But tomorrow, they'll be back to business as usual because Congress knows full well that when folks head to the polls in November, they'll (aided by decades of gerrymandering) send the same rascals right back to Capitol Hill.

I'm actually feeling pretty encouraged this morning. It has been a while since I felt that way.

That's because you, like so many, delude yourself into thinking that this kind of one-off stunt has accomplished anything. It'll be back to business as usual for you (the generic you, not the poster to whom I'm replying) tomorrow too. You'll go back to your stupid forwards and banners and "post this to your [status|signature line]" in the false belief that a few talking heads pretending for the moment to agree to with you means you've actually accomplished something. But, as I said above, in November, in aggregate, you'll just vote for the same rascals and go back to whining when they (predictably to anyone with an IQ over room temperature) behave as they always have.

This should be the top post today. I might add that in most districts, example Lamar Smith's TX21, the primary is the election. November is just a formality. GO VOTE.

Comment Re:Not surprised. (Score 1) 378

Yeah 30 years in computers and electronics here also and the IT Manager for six. I let the boss know about the important issues that will need his attention. Otherwise I am just telling him about problems that he cannot do anything about. It is always the good news that should be passed on and let the bad stuff lay. If you find yourself out of the loop just go and visit with the people. Nearly everyone will want to share what is on their minds, including all those nagging problems that have not been reported. The haters will always hate, but most people will want to share with you.

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