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Comment Re: Recipe for success (Score 1) 287

Most of us don't really have any problems in that department, skippy. It's just you and the other losers who even have to think about things like that. The rest of us have wives, girlfriends, or significant others. When you aren't an anti-social wreck of a human being, getting laid is simple and easy.

Comment Re:This lawsuit cannot be allowed (Score 1) 430

Pretty much, yeah. The smashing, violence, and beatings is overwhelmingly coming from the left. That's how it's been for many years.

And the unhinged, vitriolic hate and calls for death and whatnot? Yeah, the left is a steady source of that. It's mostly notable because that's the crowd that's forever talking about how much better educated they are, and how low-brow and barbaric are all of the people who refused to obey and vote for Hillary.

Comment Re: Complete idiocy (Score 0) 430

If Hillary Clinton had been elected and was accused of even 1/10th of what Trump is under investigation for...

What? As they FBI has already pointed out, they weren't investigating him for anything. They did, however, have multiple criminal investigations into Clinton's conduct while she was a cabinet official and one of the most powerful people in the country ... and nearly a dozen of her staff refused to talk without being granted immunity from prosecution. She HAS been accused - of a lot. A lot more than Trump has, because ... Trump hasn't been "accused" of anything, other than delusional ranty nonsense from Democrats who are still desperate to come up with a narrative about why they've lost essentially all of their political power over the last eight years. Their absurd "Trump worked with the Russians to hack the election" narrative is laughable on its face, whereas Clinton's parade of years of demonstrated lying, mishandling of classified material, and enriching her and her husband by selling access while she was in office is established fact.

Comment Re:This lawsuit cannot be allowed (Score 1, Insightful) 430

It's just classic liberal hypocrisy. Everything juvenile and coarse that other people do is a sign of their stupidity and lack of nuanced culture. When liberals can't muster an intelligent, non-insulting thing to say, or - as they do so often - resort to actual violence and destruction because they can't make a convincing, coherent point using words ... then their juvenile and coarse behavior is "resistance" and is noble and good. When a progressive says that someone is bad because of how they look, it's a sign of progressive superiority. When a progressive smashes someone's business window and beats people bloody for daring to want to go hear someone speak non-approved thought on a college campus, that's a sign of just how correct they are. You need to keep up!

Comment Re:It is not going to work (Score 2) 430

It's about Trump deciding that certain individuals don't qualify to receive his 'tweets'.

No, you've got it exactly wrong. Certain individuals have demonstrated that they can't be constructive REPLYING in public on his personal account and have been stopped from doing so. They can READ his tweets all day long.

Comment Re: Complete idiocy (Score 2, Insightful) 430

No, what's cute is a anonymous loser saying he IS going to be impeached without having the intellectual honesty (or capacity, obviously) to mention any tangible reason why he would be, let alone actually be convicted of anything. The fact that you don't include such musings is a measure of what a phony you are on the subject. But please! Carry on! Continue with unhinged, delusional snarkery right on through the 2018 elections. Because unhinged liberal delusions are exactly what cost the Democrats nearly a thousand legislative seats under Obama, most of the governorships, both houses of congress, the White House, the Supreme Court, and hordes of two-time Obama voters who turned their back on condescending, petulant ranty liberals in a final fit of disgust. More please! So, thanks for every bit of fact- and context-free snark you can continue to provide - it helped in November, and will continue to. Thanks in advance.

Comment Re:Microsoft Internet! (Score 1) 99

But it's not a "last mile" problem. It's a "several miles between houses" AT LEAST problem, often where there is at best some electricity, but nothing even resembling the sort of infrastructure needed to run fiber/coax. It would cost tens of thousands at least, often six figures, to get the "last mile" anywhere within a mile of each of millions of homes. That's why wireless makes more sense in such cases.

Comment Re:Fuck the whiners! (Score 1) 287

No, that's not the way it works. A troll which is called out as a troll does not get to claim said response constitutes a success. Only a response which does not acknowledge the trollish nature of a post constitutes a successful troll. You can't just declare yourself a winner, there are rules, and you're not Charlie Sheen.

Comment Re:Microsoft Internet! (Score 3, Insightful) 99

It does make you wonder what they are trying to get out of this

They are increasingly in the business of selling subscribed-to services that individuals and small businesses (say, farming operations in rural America) can't use without reliable high-enough-speed connectivity. Tens of millions of people lacking decent connectivity represents a lot of potential that MS can't eventually market to. To say nothing of the near impossibility of someone living on the side of a mountain somewhere getting their copy of Windows 10 patched/updated over the wire when they've got - at best - DSL or awful satellite service.

Just spent the last weekend driving around parts of Virginia, in the outskirts of the Charlottesville area. We're talking about people who own multi-million-dollar horse farms and wineries who have to drive 30 minutes into town to use the WiFi at a Starbucks. But they can't get cable or fiber out to their properties because nobody will do it, almost regardless of the price offered. Some sort of terrestrial wireless solution on poles, hilltop-to-hilltop, is the only way to go. LEO sats MAY provide some relief, but not likely enough to bank on when you're trying to run a point-of-sale system at the tasting room of your thousand acre winery with two hundred guests trying to give you money.

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