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Comment Re: "Your state is a shithole" (Score 1) 496

Well then, it's a good thing nobody said that, right? Still, let me guess: you're in the camp that says we should NOT deport illegal immigrants back to certain places because those places are ... real shitholes, right? Can't have it both ways. Biasing a visa lottery to favor places that cannot shake off a deep, pervasive criminal culture, instead of doing what, say, Mexico, Canada and the UK do (merit-based immigration) is crazy. Haiti IS a shithole. The local culture there has had decades of opportunities to use offered help (not counting the Clinton Foundation's fraud, of course - that's a special case) to reform their culture and civil institutions. But they still haven't - it's a violent, poorly educated, corrupt place. We should be looking for someone willing to actually work on that, and raining support down on them so that Haitians perhaps could stand a chance of having a real place to live.

Yeah, if I lived there, I'd probably want out. If I lived there, I'd certainly call it a shithole.

The whole notion of only letting in the best and brightest into a country? Not only is not the Christian way, it's also not the American way.

You're right, it's the Canadian way. Or the Swiss way. Why shouldn't we be looking for people who bring something TO the country, rather than people who bring the need for massive entitlement spending, more ESOL teachers, and a generation's (at best) lag time in constructive engagement in the economy?

I'm good friends with African immigrants who showed up here legally, speaking English AND three more languages than I do, who worked three jobs, bought homes, run businesses ... and would be the very first people to tell you that someone from a rural village in Somalia is not going to show up equipped to do any of those things. Exactly the opposite. If your mission is generosity, why are you not advocating for helping to fix what's wrong in Somalia? Or is it too much of a shithole, and you're thinking it's beyond help?

Are there shithole countries in Africa? Sure, the Congo comes to mind.

An almost entirely black country. Racist.

Comment Re: "Your state is a shithole" (Score 1) 496

Typical liberal. So busy trying to project some fictional racism onto somebody else (in order to avoid addressing the point he was actually making), that the liberal accidentally displays their own flaming ACTUAL racism. Right on cue! Almost as predictable as liberals displaying the fact that they don't understand the difference between skin pigment and color, or race and country. Of course liberals DO (usually) know the difference, but they play dumb when they act like they don't, since they're talking in their own echo chamber, where they presume that their own liberal audience actually IS dumb. It's quite hilarious, actually.

Comment Re:People look like apes, black people more so (Score 1) 304

Hey, look! Utterly unable to address the issue, as always! Such a wondrous display of juvenile arrested development. Here's a thought: get an adult - say, the person that buys you your groceries - to help you work through the topic and craft a response that actually has something to do with it. You'll learn so much!

Comment Re:People look like apes, black people more so (Score 1) 304

Are you THAT obtuse? I guess you are. The GP thinks we're all still racists. Well, except for him. HE'S not a racist, just you.

How unable are you to parse a little bit of rhetorical holding-up-the-mirror so that the GP can realize what a tool he's being? Never mind, you want him to be right. So, now that's two of you who aren't racists, while everyone else is. You are so wise, and so superior, compared to all of us unresolved racists out here.

Are you even listening to yourself? The GP calls everyone (else) racists, and you think I'm being vindictive by asking him to act like an adult and admit he's full of crap? Who's being hostile? The person who called you a racist, or me, who pointed out the GP's trolling?

Comment Re: People look like apes, black people more so (Score 0) 304

Hey, look! Someone who is perfectly aware of the gist of the conversation, but can't actually address the subject matter because that would mean admitting I made a perfectly valid point. So, of course, your response, as usual, goes right to childish ad hominem. Or maybe you ARE the rare racist that hasn't resolved his own issues yet? That must be it, and explains why you can't talk about it.

Comment Re:Annoying Trend (Score 2) 226

Not an affectation. It's the sort of thing that non-native English speakers say when they haven't mastered plural/single idioms and such. Like, "You have a lot of nice camera gears!" And that gets seen often enough in the intellectual wasteland of social media, and poisons the well badly enough that it makes it into /. postings.

Comment Re:Most tech companies (Score 1) 226

Constituents aren't part of the adversarial government triangle of checks and balances. At least, they're not supposed to be.

Sure they are. Depending on the situation, a constituent might have the executive, or legislature, or courts working on their behalf "against" one or both of the other branches. You might have your congressional representative helping you out with the IRS, or you may ask the courts to help you out with something the executive branch is or isn't doing.

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