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Comment Re:Factual and legal errors in the summary (Score 1) 646

Are you dumb? You write this long winded post in a seeming attempt to justify Amazon's position, and yet make no points.

1) Recalls are always optional for end users. Thus they can't be used in the case of licensing problems since the books wouldn't get returned. In that case Amazon would need to provide the correct owner of the books with some agreed upon monetary settlement.

2) Nothing in the EULA gives amazon the right to REMOVE data from YOUR Kindle. This fact has nothing to do with their right to license the book in the first place.

Amazon needs to replace the books, and pay up for a license to said book.

Comment Re:Makes me wonder (Score 1) 884

As an American Physicist, I have to say you have your head squarely up your ass.

Most of those countries didn't have anything in place when they put in those "technologically advanced" public works. Current projects in America are the best in the world.

It takes a lot of money, and requires a lot of political justification to rip out a metro system that's working just fine to replace it with some fancy sparkly new POS.

The fact that we're don't choose to spend our tax funds on such projects says nothing about our ABILITY to apply technology, or the quality of the scientific papers being produced here.

I keep hearing this tired "Asian is so much better and more amazing" crap over and over. By the way people talk about laptops available in Japan you'd think Japanese Laptops were designed by space aliens and powered themselves through fusion crystals or some BS -- when in reality they run the same American MADE OS and have the same AMERICAN MADE CPUs as every other fucking laptop in the world.



Vendor CES - AMD's Hester touts PC, graphics convergence

IDG News Service had a chance to talk with AMD's Chief Technology Officer Phil Hester at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Hester spoke about: "trends in new technologies he was seeing on the show floor, the progress of AMD's acquisition of ATI, and the new technologies that are needed to deliver the long-promised goal of sharing Internet and television content bet

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