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Comment Hi, Story Poster here... (Score 1) 246

I thought I'd be a bit more specific ....

My wife has ALS, and cannot use her hands, and has difficulty speaking. She uses a Tobii C15 with EyeGaze for speaking. Her computer also allows her to use it as a phone for voice (the voice output can be routed through the internal SIM) and SMS.

I appreciate all the thoughtful suggestions. Coverage is not an issue for me, as I live in Los Angeles. I may go with the T-Mobile $15 unlimited text thing. However I am reconsidering some stuff... because it's very slow for her to type with her eyes, I may need unlimited voice minutes as well, in which case, I might be better off with just a regular unimited voice/text plan.

Maybe I should start with the $15 plan, and change it if necessary.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Best pay-as-you-go plan for text and voice only? 1

sconeu writes: My wife uses an assistive communciation device. She wants to use it for SMS texting... We currently have Verizon, so we don't have a SIM. The computer will take a SIM. I'm looking for a pay-as-you-go plan where I can take the SIM from a cheap phone and put it in her computer. Any suggestions?

Submission + - Purported Relativity Paradox Resolved (sciencemag.org)

sciencehabit writes: A purported conflict between the century-old theory of classical electrodynamics and Einstein's theory of special relativity doesn't exist, a chorus of physicists says. Last April, an electrical engineer claimed that the equation that determines the force exerted on an electrically charged particle by electric and magnetic fields—the Lorentz force law—clashes with relativity, the theory that centers on how observers moving at a constant speed relative to one another will view the same events. To prove it, he concocted a simple "thought experiment" in which the Lorentz force law seemed to lead to a paradox. Now, four physicists independently say that they have resolved the paradox.

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