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Comment Re:Until the wires are cut (Score 1) 47

If the Iranian government cracks down hard enough, millions of people who are relatively peaceful right now just might decide they've had enough of being butchered.

Does the name Custer right a bell, by chance?

Custer? Why even move out of Iran, that is basically a one-line summary of what happened there in 1979.

Comment Re:Give that country nuclear weapons! (Score 2) 47

If you want to look for crazy mullahs, you're looking at the wrong muslim state. Yes, the Iran is vocal and you get to hear a lot about their rhetoric, but if you're looking for funding for Islamist schools, Islamist mosques and yes, Islamist terrorists, you should be looking for the only country on this planet that still doesn't have a name and is basically called "The land of family Saud".

Funny how our politicians never seem to have any kind of problem with this particular country and how they even used whatever political influence necessary to stop investigations against this country whenever the trail to terrorist activities gets too hot to ignore anymore. No matter what side of the political fence they might be sitting on.

Comment Re:What did you THINK would happen? (Score 1) 404

What the hell did you think would happen - the police would knock on the door politely, walk in calmly, and sit down for some milk and cookies?

Umm... yes, that's how you deal with hostage situations in most other parts of this planet. You knock at the door, you tell them to surrender and that there's someone here willing and able to talk to them if they want to so they could find a way out of the mess.

Remember, you're standing behind a bulletproof shield while saying that. Unless the guy inside has a bazooka, you can still afterwards go in and gun everything down in sight should he actually be dumb enough to open fire. Because then you also have EVERY justification to level the building and then some.

Comment Re:Logical flaw (Score 2) 521

Your logical flaw is to assume that the amount of money for working and not working is the same. If those 600something bucks is enough for you, don't go to work. Personally, I couldn't even live a week off that.

And bluntly, if you can't earn more than 600 bucks by working, the problem is that salaries are too low and someone not paying more does not deserve getting employees.

Comment Re: Yes. Yes it is. (Score 1) 521

I keep hearing this myth, but oddly, countries that have a strong social system and hence a distribution of money to the bottom don't suffer from higher inflation than countries that distribute money up towards those that already have more than they can spend.

The reason for this is simple: The amount of goods and services that can be offered is not fixed. If you have 100 instead of 10 people wanting and being able to pay for a haircut, prices for haircuts don't go up. Instead, more barber shops open and more people have jobs.

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