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Comment Re:Media addicts. (Score 1) 282

Nope. And I'm even the perfect target audience, the whole deal should actually interest me greatly.

Still I never felt the urge to see "Romeo & Juliet meet Machiavelli's Prince" set against the backdrop of a medieval fantasy world. The story is essentially timeless and has been told too many times for me to want to hear it once more.

Comment Re:Quality doesn't matter when it's disposable any (Score 1) 288

You don't, I don't, but we don't count. The majority out there does just that, so why bother building a cellphone that lasts? Yes, the 1% of people who actually care will be pissed, but they, too, will just buy a new cellphone. They'll just mutter profanities towards the manufacturer of their current phone while they buy a phone from the manufacturer they muttered profanities at 2 years ago when they bought the phone they are tossing now, while the rest of the people squeal "ohhh shiny!" while buying whatever phone has the latest bling.

In the end, we all buy. And that's all that counts to the makers of those phones.

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