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Comment Re:So much more meaningful (Score 2) 391

The whole thing about gun regulations over there is to regulate without actually regulating, because they have this constitutional amendment that everyone is so hot and bothered about.

What things like this mill does is reveal that the emperor has no clothes. A fact that everyone with a bit of interest in the subject knew, but kept mum about to maintain appearance.

Comment Re:Oh well (Score 1) 225

Sounds about right. More and more long running software is facing a changing of the guards, and the new ones approach software development as if it is website devops (you know the bottom has been reached when a ever changing site is being talked about as an "app").

I'm tempted to blame Google and Facebook for this, especially the likes of Zuckerberg's "move fast and break things" slogan.

Comment Computer engineering? (Score 1) 208

After reading a interview with Randall Munroe (XKCD) i find myself wondering if what is needed is a computer engineering course alongside existing computer science courses.


"And there's another distinction: There's coding, and then there is computer science. The best explanation I've ever heard of that is that coding is writing programs, and computer science is the study of computers only in the sense that astronomy is the study of telescopes. I think that's a really concise summation, because computer science isn't the study of computers, it's the study of what you can do with a computer and what stuff you can explore with a computer."

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