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Comment 1998 (Score 1) 417

MY "Year of Linux" was 1998.
I paid $25 for a paper back book title "Learn Linux in 24 Hours", by Bill Brush. It had a RH 5.0 CD in the back. My Sony VAIO desktop was crashing several times an hour running Win95. I thought Sony's hardware was trash. However, running RH5.0 on it and the crashing ceased. The hardware was good. Win95 was trash.

I guess I'm a slow learner. It took me about 30 hours to convert from Windows think to Linux think, but the mouse worked the same as it did in Win3.11FWG. So, if the mouse is giving you a hard time in Windows don't bother switching to Linux.

Comment Avoiding tthe problem (Score 1) 78

Stupidly insane alarmist articles by the media.
Have thugs, gangsters and drug dealers using firearms? Increase restrictions on Joe and Sally Sixpack. "facepalm:
Have jihadists setting off bombs? Increase restrictions on Joe and Sally Sixpack? :facepalm:

You can go to your local hardware store and/or walmart and pick up all of that stuff, stump destroyer, acetone paint remover, 3% hydrogen peroxide, Ammonium Nitrate, Sulfuric Acid, HCL, etc..., under various brand names. Boil down 8 bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide in a pyrex pot to one bottle and you'll have 25% Hydrogen Peroxide. Collect Urine and oxidize it to Nitrates. That's all chemistry info I learned in HS chemistry class 60 years ago, and govs can't bottle that info up.

Enforce the laws for criminal use of firearms and sentence offenders to longer terms without parole.
Ditto for Muslim "warriors" who think blowing up women and children is a brave act.
Restore the death penalty for crimes which result in multiple deaths. The perp won't be able to repeat his actions if he is dead.

Comment Re:Holy shit, stop the insanity (Score 2, Interesting) 394

The ocean is a buffered solution. It's average pH isn't going to wonder off into extremes as you suggest.
"The amount of dissolved gases varies according to the types of life forms in the water. Most living species need oxygen to keep their cells alive (both plants and animals) and are constantly using it up. Replenishment of dissolved oxygen comes from the photosynthetic activity of plants (during daylight hours only) and from surface diffusion (to a lesser extent). If there are a large number of plants in a marine water mass then the oxygen levels can be quite high during the day. If there are few plants but a large number of animals in a marine water mass then the oxygen levels can be quite low. Oxygen is measured in parts per million (also called ppm) and levels can range from zero to over 20 ppm in temperate waters. It only reaches 20 when there are a lot of plants in the water, it is very sunny with lots of nutrients, and the wind is whipping up the surface into a froth. In any water mass there is a maximum amount of dissolved gas that can be found (after which the gas no longer dissolves but bubbles to the surface). This maximum amount increases with a decrease in temperature (thus cold water masses can hold more dissolved gases ... but they can also have none if it has been used up). So, just because a water mass is cold it does not mean it has a lot of dissolved gases. This concept is a little tricky but just remember that the amount of dissolved gases in seawater depends more on the types of life forms (plants and animals) that are present and their relative proportions. ...
pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a substance and is one of the stable measurements in seawater. Ocean water has an excellent buffering system with the interaction of carbon dioxide and water so that it is generally always at a pH of 7.5 to 8.5. Neutral water is a pH of 7 while acidic substances are less than 7 (down to 1, which is highly acidic) and alkaline substances are more than 7 (up to 14, which is highly alkaline). Anything either highly acid or alkaline would kill marine life but the oceans are very stable with regard to pH. If seawater was out of normal range (7.5-8.5) then something would be horribly wrong. "

Comment Re:Holy shit, stop the insanity (Score -1, Troll) 394

Another absurd assumption, probably based on cherry-picked data, just like the pine-cone tree studies "proved" AGW.
CO2 enhancement of plant growth has been utilized in agriculture for the past 100 years.

Fifty five million years ago the CO2 level was at 1,000 ppm and both poles were sub-tropical gardens with an average temperature of 74F. And, there wasn't an SUV or coal fired power plant anywhere on the planet.

Comment Re:At least... (Score -1, Troll) 394

For those of us who are getting "long in the tooth" we recall very clearly the "Nuclear Winter" debacle, followed by the "Limits to World Growth" debacle, followed by the "Hockey Stick" debacle, followed by the "Climate Change" debacle.

    Each had one thing in common: the claim that the only way to avoid catastrophe was to adopt Marxism (they used the euphemism "Socialism") and transfer wealth to Marxist countries (dialectical materialism). The last three are notable because of their use of computers to create an air of "science" about their claim. After all, if a computer says it true it has to be true.

In fact, the Russians invented the kind of hysteria being promoted today. It's called Lysenkoism: the use of faked science to push political agendas.

Comment Re: Purpose of using Zero Day moniker? (Score 1) 83

It used to be that when a Linux developer found a security hole its presence, proof of concept script and patch would be announced and posted the same day the hole was discovered. I.E., "Zero Days" between discovery, announcement and patch. The Linux user could confirm their installation weakness, or not, by running the proof of concept script.

Microsoft destroyed that meaning in its ecosystem by threatening whitehats with lawsuits of they revealed the holes they discovered in Microsoft software to anyone but Microsoft, which sat on the revelations until such time as it suited their political and economic fortunes, if ever. Whitehats routinely "time" their announcements with Microsoft, thus colluding in the coverup. Microsoft does NOT, however, hide such holes from Fortune 500 companies and other organizations with armies of lawyers who could make Microsoft pay for damage done to their systems by Microsoft deliberately concealing security vulnerabilities from them. Joe and Sally Sixpack can't afford such armies so they just hang, twisting in the winds of blackhat adversity till such time as MS throws them a bone.

Comment Google IS the MITM (Score 1) 86

and they say they will use their power to block what they don't want you to see. They'll call what they don't want you to see "fake news", and they'll use a George Soros supported filtering app to make that determination. Facebook Twitter, Bill Gates and FireFox approve of that app so no need to be afraid. /sarcasm

Comment Life with Luigi, The Green Hornet, The Lone Ranger (Score 1) 240

were some of the radio programs that were broadcast when I was a kid. I loved the Green Hornet and The Shadow Knows. That was in the last 40's and early 50's. Then came BW TV and all the movies and cliff hangers that were shown on the silver screen in the 1930's started appearing on the Tube. I loved Buck Rogers and his battles against Ming the Merciless as he flew through space with his spaceship making weird sounds while sparks fell from his exhaust as smoke was rising from it. In the late 50's through the 60's it was all Top 40 and Wolfman Jack, from of XERF-AM at Ciudad Acuña in Mexico.

I'm 76. Sometime about 20-25 years ago I stopped listening to radio. About 15-20 years ago I stopped listening to TV. It's all digital now.

Comment Re:FUD. (Score 1) 142

From a post by Stallman:
"3. The backdoor is active even when the machine is powered off:
Intel rolled out something horrible []
The ME has network access, access to the host operating system, memory, and cryptography engine. The ME can be used remotely even if the PC is powered off. If that sounds scary, it gets even worse: no one knows what the ME is doing, and we canâ(TM)t even look at the code.

4. Onboard ethernet and WiFi is part of the backdoor:
The ME has its own MAC and IP address for the out-of-band interface, with direct access to the Ethernet controller; one portion of the Ethernet traffic is diverted to the ME even before reaching the host's operating system
If your CPU has Intel Anti-Theft Technology enabled, it is also possible to directly access the backdoor from cell towers using 3G.

5. The backdoor uses encrypted communication: []
AMT version 4.0 and higher can establish a secure communication tunnel between a wired PC and an IT console outside the corporate firewall. In this scheme, a management presence server (Intel calls this a "vPro-enabled gateway") authenticates the PC, opens a secure TLS tunnel between the IT console and the PC"

Comment Error: Management Engine refused connection. (Score 1) 142

I downloaded and compiled mei-amt-check from github, which was last compiled 4 months ago.

"A simple tool that tells you whether AMT is enabled and provisioned on Linux systems. Requires that the mei_me driver (part of the upstream kernel) be loaded."

The mei_me.ko is loaded when the program is run.

It gave me this on my Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3610QM :

"sudo ./mei-amt-check
[sudo] password for jerry:
Error: Management Engine refused connection. This probably means you don't have AMT"

The "Management Engine" is still there and working or it couldn't have returned that msg.

Stallman's note on 12-19-2016 was more than eight months ago. The patch was compiled four months ago. Plenty of time for the folks who installed the back door to patch it so the mei-amt-check doesn't return truthful results. ???

Comment Bullies? (Score -1, Troll) 158

"Google/Alphabet has been using its power "to bully or take over rivals and adjacent businesses" at a rate of about "one per week since 2010." "

And the socials have been using their power to bully the center and right side of the political spectrum as well. You are a nazi if you don't agree with them. :(

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