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Comment Re: Potentially more abuse prone than the H1B vis (Score 4, Insightful) 355

It's definitely true that some of the Clinton policies did directly contribute to the crash of 2008, chief among these being the tax incentives for executive pay that drove unprecedented income inequality, the repeal of Glass-Steagall, NAFTA, etc. The response from the GOP hasn't exactly been a reversal of these policies. If anything, they were extended and pushed forward. Policies favoring large companies resulted in consolidation and profit/expense min-maxing, not investment or job growth.

Comment Unlock the bootloader for unsupported phones (Score 1) 257

No, I don't think it should be necessary to pay for updates after the manufacturer drops support. Back when I had an OG Droid, I updated the OS to a newer version using a bootloader unlocking hack and a community supported ROM (cyanogenmod). If a manufacturer doesn't want to release an OS update, they should unlock the phone so that the end-user can update it themselves if they wanted.

Comment Re: Good (Score 1) 74

Standardized hardware means *not* playing to the lowest common denominator.

Quite the opposite in fact. Buying a console locks you in to whatever hardware the game corporation decides is good enough for the mass market.

PC gaming *is* more expensive, it's tolerated because PC's have other uses (like bragging on-line and hentai).

Again, this is by choice. Instead of being locked in to whatever hardware the game corporation picks for the current generation, you can buy better parts. If you are on a budget, you can get used parts for cheaper than consoles and still be able to play modern games at console level quality.

And, finally, designing a game to use a controller is not the same as band-aiding a game to use a controller. There is a lot more to play out there than games with a gun bobbing around in your PoV.

Again, as a PC gamer you have a choice in which type of control you want to use rather than being locked to whichever designs have been licensed out by the game corporation. There are plenty of games that can't be played well with a controller, like Civ V for example.

Comment Re:Liberal Solution: Outlaw Automation (Score 1) 921

Total straw man argument. This is no more accurate than to say that the conservative plan to close the "loophole" is to replace all workers in every industry with cheaper overseas labor when possible and domestic machines where it is not possible until there is no one left in the US to be able to afford a Wendy's Hamburger.
Imagine a world where society can afford to have more artists and scientists because machines do all the grunt work.

Comment Re:Why buy consoles that aren't above and beyond? (Score 1) 314

In my younger years, during the golden age of Nintendo, it used to be a schoolyard agreement to temporarily trade game cartridges for a week so that you could try out a game that you didn't own. You could also go to a video rental store and rent a game for a few dollars.

Comment Re:May spur automation (Score 2, Interesting) 940

This argument was addressed and debunked by Adam Smith when he invented economics. The argument that higher wages causes inflation isn't really true, because that cost is spread out over the production of the employee. Inflation is caused by more by companies taking excessive profits since the increased cost multiplies as their production goes down the supply chain.

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