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Comment Re: Difference between drones and RC planes/choppe (Score 2) 307

Fpv has been here for a long time. Why do you think this privacy thing just came out now?

It's the wrong intent that makes the real drone users look bad. My friend uses them to video shoot real estate for sale. And went through the right channels to get permission to hover in a residential area.

There are many fun things that we want to do. But it affects other people's feelings and that's why we don't do them. I would love to hover in people's backyard in fpv too but I don't do it because it invades people backyard. Not even privacy. Just the same as I don't sit on people's porch and have a smoke.

Comment Difference between drones and RC planes/choppers (Score 4, Interesting) 307

There's a fundamental difference between these so called drones and RC planes or choppers. Drone operators aren't interested in "piloting" . The sole purpose of flying a drone is to take videos or photos and once that's the intention it changes the whole flight.

I used to do aerial photography and video with my RC plane. The flight intention changes once you slap on a camera. Take the go pro off the drones and see how many would still fly it for the pleasure of flight. None.

Comment Re: Well DUH, You can't stop piracy. (Score 1) 116

In fact, it's way simpler than this. It's about knowing your job doesn't do shit yet if you voice out, your job will become irrelevant and you will no longer get that fat check at the end of the week. So we shut up and kept doing useless shit. The world revolves around this most of the time when we're not making lhc etc.

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