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Feed Photos: Yahoo hosts an open house (

Internet giant gives a tour of its new San Francisco office, where visitors can spin a digital globe or check out a dynamic display of digital user info.
Portables (Games)

The PSP - Sony's Missed Opportunity 157

C|Net passes on the words of Forrester analyst James McQuivey, who lambasts Sony for failing to live up to the opportunity the PSP presented. Though the handheld has certainly been doing better of late, it's hard not to point out that the PlayStation Portable's sales numbers flag in the face of the DS's incredible popularity. McQuivey also makes a point of stating how well the system could have done at taking a slice of Apple's death-grip on the downloadable media market. "'The thing is, Sony could have been all this,' McQuivey said. 'The Sony PSP is one of the best portable entertainment media devices that anyone has come up with in years. It has a relatively big screen, plays video beautifully, has good storage and audio. It could have been the first big mobile carrier for TV shows and movies.' Instead, the mobile-video play of one of the world's largest electronics companies is straggling behind Apple, has shaken the confidence of supporters--especially in Hollywood--and added to the woes of CEO Howard Stringer."
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Submission + - Killing Whales for Science

Chancey writes: Science is running a news story outlining plans to increase 'scientific' whaling (ie killing whales for science) to include the rebounding populations of humpback whales. According to the International Whaling Commission (IWC), Japan's Whale Research Program under Special Permit in the Antarctic has killed 5304 whales since 2001, and would like to include 50 humpback whales annually starting in 2007/2008. This is expected to be a highly debated topic at next month's IWC Scientific Committee meeting in Anchorage, Alaska.

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