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Comment Re:Fiber can be a PITA (Score 1) 108

For the most part the problems were between the floorbox panels and the workstations but our facility had roughly a thousand movable workstations connected by fiber patch cables. When fixed core problems came up they were hard to troubleshoot, e.g. shining light down the fiber path. This was a number of years ago so perhaps things have improved.

Comment Fiber can be a PITA (Score 1) 108

I worked for many years in a secure US government facility operating at the classification of secret and top secret/SCI. Fiber was the only permitted network infrastructure and we spent countless hours chasing down broken fiber tips, and crushed cables. Expertise required to retip fiber was much harder to come by than simply crimping twisted pair cable, which was shielded anyway. Emissions was the reasoning behind using glass to transmit the electrons.

Submission + - Young girls less likely to think girls are "really, really smart" (

OffTheLip writes: Girls in their first years of elementary school are less likely than boys to believe they are smart according to research done by Andrei Cimpian, professor of psychology at New York University.

The study, which appears Thursday in Science, comes amid a push to figure out why women are underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM, fields. One line of research involves stereotypes, and how they might influence academic and career choices.

Submission + - Is Mt Everest shrinking? ( 1

OffTheLip writes: Recent scrutiny into the officially recorded height of the worlds tallest mountain will lead to a re-measurement. A 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal in 2015 is being eyed as the reason.

India's surveyor general Swarna Subba Rao said, We will remeasure it,Two years have passed since the major Nepal earthquake and there's doubt in the scientific community that it did in fact shrink.

A team will depart once winter passes to take measurements to determine the current height Everest.

Comment Re:4.1.3u1 (Score 1) 127

Similar setup for me back in the day. I kept a Sun "pizzabox" SPARCstation 5 diskless client on my desk running SunOS 4,1,3 long after our development environment moved on to SYSV Solaris. I preferred the BSD environment with pure X11. I'd remote in to the new hardware and work that way.

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