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CIA Teams Up With Scientists To Monitor Climate 417

MikeChino writes "The CIA has just joined up with climate researchers to re-launch a data-sharing initiative that will use spy satellites and other CIA asets to help scientists figure out what climate change is doing to cloud cover, forests, deserts, and more. The collaboration is an extension of the Measurements of Earth Data for Environmental Analysis program, which President Bush canceled in 2001, and it will use reconnaissance satellites to track ice floes moving through the Arctic basin, creating data that could be used for ice forecasts." Even though the program is "basically free" in terms of CIA involvement, the Times notes: "Controversy has often dogged the use of federal intelligence gear for environmental monitoring. In October, days after the CIA opened a small unit to assess the security implications of climate change, Senator John Barrasso, Republican of Wyoming, said the agency should be fighting terrorists, 'not spying on sea lions.'"

Comment Illusion of dark matter (Score 1) 575

"Horava’s graviton fluctuates as it interacts with normal matter, making gravity pull a bit more strongly than expected in general relativity."

Now that's what sounds promising. Dark matter always seemed like an ad hoc explanaition. How would you (try to) falsify that dark matter exist under the current theories that are predicting it?

Comment No hit-by-bus protection (Score 3, Interesting) 429

While it seems the prosecutors in this case are overreacting (why's this even a criminal case?), what I find curious is that there was no scheme to retrieve the passwords if Childs were to pass away accidentally (no HBB protection). Passwords written on paper in a safe, safety deposit box or similar, or the passphrase to Password Safe written down somewhere secure.

It's pretty stupid to have to physically access all the routers to reset passwords in the event that the network admin dies or quits in fury. Just write the procedure into the admin's job description.

Comment Photographer maintains copyright (Score 5, Insightful) 572

If I'm not entirely mistaken, the photographer maintains the copyright, but the publishing on wikipedia under the creative commons allows everybody to use the photography as long as the photographer is credited.

If photographers want to help, but are worried they'll lose control, why not upload lower than mint quality images?


Submission + - Australian Minister named Internet Villain of the (

An anonymous reader writes: Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy Stephen Conroy has been named the Internet Villain of the Year at the 11th annual UK Internet Industry Awards for his for his Internet censorship plans. The award recognises individuals or organizations, who may have hampered the development or in a way disappointed the Internet industry — those whom the industry loves to hate, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. Conroy was awarded as the Internet Villain 'for continuing to promote network-level blocking despite significant national and international opposition'.

Comment Re:Apple viral marketing campaign (Score 1) 501

Escaping North Korea: Secrets of the World's Most Isolated Country by Mike Kim

I have no idea if you would consider this trustworthy or not, but it comes from that book.

Interesting, thanks. I'll read the book.

Two, preferably three, independent sources would be the minimum requirement of thrustworthyness. Especially when the intel is from a closed country that has a reputation that makes it trivially easy to make things up and have people believe in it.

Note that I think Kim's goals are very worthy; he's holding speeches etc. raising money to finance helping North Koreans escape.

Operating Systems

Submission + - Symbian Foundation releases open-source package

readthemall writes: The Symbian Foundation has released its first open-source software package, the first step in the organisation's plan to eventually open source the entire Symbian mobile operating system. The foundation was set up by in June 2008 to oversee the development of the Symbian OS as an open-source platform, licensed under the Eclipse Public Licence (EPL). The OS had previously been developed as proprietary software by the Symbian Foundation.

On Wednesday, Symbian made available its first package covered by the EPL, the OS Security Package, according to Symbian developer Craig Heath.

"The OS Security Package source code is now available under the EPL, and it is the very first package to be officially moved from the closed Symbian Foundation License (SFL) to... the EPL," Heath wrote in a blog post.

For more information, see First open-source Symbian software released.

Comment Re:Apple viral marketing campaign (Score 1) 501

EdIII wrote:

When interviewed, these people state beliefs in the most outlandish and bizarre pieces of propaganda. Situations like women absolutely convinced that if they touch dropped pamphlets from the South (through air campaigns to spread information to the people) that their hands will rot off . When asked, if they really felt it was true, they state that they really believed it. That's just one example.

I'm not saying you're wrong, but: Trustworthy sources or it didn't happen.

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