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Comment Re:It astounds me (Score 1) 328

On my way home from work, There is one intersection I always have to wait at all the time for about 3 minutes even though its empty. Rights on reds are prohibited, no sensors, just a timer, and it is a 5 way intersection, So even if right hand turns were allowed on red I would need to do right - U turn, Hard Right (Which is actually completely prohibited at that intersection) U turn, Right. It is very odd because every single other traffic light on the road except for that one has sensors, some even having approach sensors changing the light before the cars even reach them.

Comment What is the AI's response? (Score 2, Interesting) 979

Well I decided to get the responses of several AI's to see their views and responses to the article. Here are their responses:

Jabberwacky: I don't know about that. I do know that cows have more than one stomach.

Allybot: Who is your favorite robot?

Eliza: I see

BOT: that makes me horny. I love you

ALICE: Is this a math question?

Hal: I hope that in 200 years, hate will have decreased significantly. I am neither male nor female. I am a machine.

Hampy: Yeah. That's my opinion too. The answer is (0-0=).


Rod Speed: You can wipe that egg off your silly little face now.


From their responses it appears human like intelligence is still a ways off.

Comment Re:Safety Critical (Score 1) 913

With the command line you have a few options. I am including the windows options as you are a lot more likely to have the car hang or crash under windows than linux, Plus other posters have already stated the ways to terminate the engine under linux.

taskkill /F /IM (some basic model or older cars will not have this option)
tskill /A (Will work on nearly all modern cars)

If you get a permission denied error, make sure you are driving as an administrator.

Comment Re:Sprint? (Score 3, Informative) 187

I was with sprint for 2 years. Half my calls dropped, My phone wouldnt even ring some of the time. the customer service was horrid, they tried to charge for over $250 in download services i never used (The said i used it when i was in denver when i have never been west of the mississippi, not to mention how i got from denver to making a call in new york in about 1 hour, I must have a concord availible to me!), it took over 8 hours on the phone to get the charge canceled even though it was obviously bogus. In my opinion sprint deserves every piece of its crappy reputation and more. I am with verizon now.

Comment Re:Oh well: me, too (Score 4, Interesting) 488

Well up to a few years ago my City's bus service was in trouble. In the past 4 years though they have completely turned the service around. In the past 4 years, every price change has been a price cut, while going from being in debt to record surpluses.

They did that by simplifying the costs, making it easier to ride eliminating transfers (Including in seat transfers when the buses traveled between different sections of the city, making it possible that you would need to "transfer" up to 2 times while never exiting the bus) and only charging per ride and passes for unlimited rides for a certain period of time.
Unprofitable routes are now now mostly paid for by businesses on those routes in exchange for having preferential bus stop placement, or having the bus even pull into the companies parking lot at peak times for people arriving and departing.

The NYT could make it easier to pay for the articles (Text a code to a number, and 25 cents is added to your phone bill) Make it so sections covered by other newspapers are free, and have the nitch articles be paid, have all you can learn plans, offer early access to articles to companies in fields the company reports on at a premium subscription rate.

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