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Comment Re:obvious choices (Score 1) 323

So... because Apple took the risk and profited insanely from it at the beginning, they get a monopoly on it? I'll bet Henry Ford would have loved to keep anyone else from making black vehicles, especially if they had spoked wheels.

Design patents are a new concept, and they're detrimental to the industry and society as a whole. There's no pressure to improve if you don't have any competition.

Besides... it's not as if Apple has stolen major design paradigms from Android. Notification bar? OTA updates and backups? Voice commands?

Comment Re:ok so... (Score 1) 323

Yeah... people go with the Samsung because they're confused and think it's an iPad. It's been proven over and over again that knock-offs INCREASE the market share for the originals. Unless Samsung actually made a better device than Apple, and now Apple is just behaving in an anti-competitive manner.

It's not as if Apple hasn't stolen things wholesale, either: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CW0DUg63lqU

They just lie about it better.

Comment Re:That's right, Apple has a monopoly on smart (Score 5, Insightful) 323

Apple just hasn't gotten around to suing the other companies yet. Samsung is the biggest threat, so they're trying to cut the head off the snake. It's not like Apple steals liberally from Android, either... biggest bunch of hypocrites. They do good design, but they take liberal inspiration from other products and then somehow convince their faithful that they're unique. They execute well, but they don't design in a complete vacuum.

Comment Re:Reflections (Score 2) 960

I've found a lot of it goes down to the disconnect from hardware. I've met WAY too many developers that'll just allocate more RAM rather than understand WHY they have to keep doing so, and what the performance implications are, especially on lesser hardware or when the dataset grows beyond their testing data set and hits the production data set.

Comment Re:Reflections (Score 2) 960

I'm in a similar position, but it's a really small company. So I was actually hired on with the intention of me being a part-time sysadmin. I actually like it like that, being able to do stuff other than just development all the time. Wearing many hats makes me happy, but I realize that I'm in the minority usually.

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