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Comment Re:Crap... (Score 1) 47

(re-posting what I just posted anonymously)

A lot of the "cool, cutting-edge" features you see in popular modern languages like Python, Ruby, JavaScript, etc. - stuff like closures, functions as first-class objects, lambdas, and filter/map/reduce - come straight from Lisp. Even the very idea of XML is just a variation on the list structure of Lisp. It's taken fifty years for these modern languages to catch up to Lisp.

Comment NATO codenames for Soviet Aircraft (Score 1) 722

Fresco, Farmer, Fishbed, Flogger, Foxbat, Fulcrum (yes, the MiG-15 is deliberately left out)
Fitter, Fishpot, Flagon, Fencer, Flanker
Flashlight, Firebar, Forger
Bear, Badger, Blinder, Backfire, Blackjack

The good thing is that the names are ordered... though I'm not sure if Bear should be first or between Backfire and Blackjack.

Comment Re:Music selection is too limited for me... (Score 1) 391

You know, I think The Onion needs to update their classic article about the man who doesn't own a TV with a new one about the Area Man who constantly mentions that there is absolutely nothing on iTunes that meets his oh-so-eclectic musical tastes. (As well as the Area Man who constantly mentions that he's not on Facebook and franky doesn't understand what's so interesting about it.)

Comment Re:Vs today, political motivations, class filterin (Score 1) 741

On the other hand, Latin is an immensely useful language if you are planning a major in any romance language. Latin Italian but knowing Latin gets you Italian at an 80% discount, Spanish at 70% and French at 60% . Its learning 4 languages for the price of 2.

I see it the other way. Studying a handful of Romance languages (in my case, Portuguese, French, and Spanish) gets you all the Latin-root vocabulary that is supposedly so useful in English, while you don't have to deal with the rest of Latin (i.e., the complex grammar) which of no practical use, and you get living languages that you can actually use to communicate with people.

Comment Re:Latin answers (Score 1) 741

Thank you so much, on behalf of myself and every geek here on Slashdot who could not bear the shame of not being able to answer those test problems, and at the same time had an unquenchable thirst to know the answers, wishing only that someone would reveal them to us so that one more crucial intellectual void might be filled.

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