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Comment 1st/3rd person (Score 1) 2

You can get away with it if you consistently have one character that gets 1st person (generally your protagonist), with other sections/chapters in 3rd person, especially if the protagonist isn't present. The one that bothers me though is a wandering POV. I'm in character A's head, oh now I'm in character B's head two paragraphs (and no section/chapter break) either. Frank Herbert pulled that off occasionally, but most people trying to emulate that style fall on their faces.

Comment Moto X (Score 1) 8

I have a friend who has the Moto X and frankly won't shut up about how much he loves it. :-)

I've been underwhelmed by the new Samsung offerings, and I still love my Note 2 so I will be carrying this for quite a while.

Comment Did you see... (Score 1) 4

The actual D2 reveal? The fold back control panel for the pilot was sexy as hell. I wished they'd shown a bit more of it. Earth landings with retro rockets! Now THAT'S a spaceship!

Comment Re:In no particular order (Score 1) 17

I'm a software engineer, but I don't care for Java. I like python, perl is meh, I despise PHP, and JS isn't as bad as people seem to think (working with the DOM is a mess, but that's not JS's fault). Frankly, I've not found a web development technology I really like yet. Fortunately, I don't have to do much of that being a systems software guy. When I do, I hold my nose and get it done.

I've been using Go lately, which has a couple warts but also some cool things (defer is simply brilliant). Also plinking with Scala a little, which I'm liking.

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