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Comment Hopefully, china's gov does NOT cave (Score 1) 304

Seriously, if they do, they are as much an idiot as Trump is.
China's reason for doing EVs is to that they can use coal to power their vehicles, and not depend on imports. In addition, they know that if they are aggressive with regard to EV sales, then western companies will not be able to keep up with CHina.

Comment The deniers are just amazing (Score 1) 235

While they have many objections, their biggest appears to be that of maintaining a partial pressure over say 1000 miles. Yet, they ignore reality. Haldron collider has a 17 mile long tube with a 10^(-13) atm. OTOH, hyperloop will require a pressure of 10^(-4).
So, IOW, haldron is doing a pressure that is a billion times less dense which requires a GREAT DEAL MORE WORK than hyperloop, and yet, the deniers are running around saying that it can not happen.

This reminds of those ppl that ran around screaming that SpaceX would never get their F1 off the ground. Then it because that F9 would never work. Then it was that they could not land a stage. Then it became that SX would never be able to reuse these used stages.
Now, it is that 28 engines will not work, or that dragon 2 will not work or that hyperloop will not work, etc. etc. etc.
Basically, most, if not all, of the deniers are non-engineers and really have no grasp of where issues REALLY are. With all of these projects, none of them are out of physical laws, or our engineering capabilities. IOW, we can build a tunnel with a pressure that is 10^(-13) if we want. Likewise, we can build a rocket with over 100 engines. These are NOT physical or engineering issues.
In every single case, Musk has done the calculations and shown that they are economically feasible. Otherwise, he does not pursue them.

And when it comes to issues about physical vs engineering capabilities vs economical, a good one that he is working on, would be electric flight.
It is PHYSICALLY possible. Our drones indicate that there is no physical issues with that.
Now, it is down to engineering and economical issues. He and others are working on it, but at this time, it is not known if the engineering is possible for it.

Comment simple solution for bezo (Score 1) 205

Seriously, the smart move would be for bezo to create 3-5 VERTICAL companies from amazon. Give them all the same equipment, robotics, etc, and then let them compete against each other.
With that, trump/GOP could do nothing, except get mad that Amazon 1-5 are slowly throttling companies like walmart, target, etc all who bought GOP politicians have been throttling America.

Comment too bad they are all doing this wrong (Score 3, Insightful) 99

Google should approach MS, Apple, Facebook, and Netflix and suggest that they invest into Google Fiber. At that point, rename it to American FIber and then push this all around America. Seriously, if all of these companies simply invested into this and focused on any of the places in which telcos were screwing over others (ok, all of America), then it would solve a LOT.

Comment problem is, that the report is based on BS (Score 1) 180

Seriously, far too many of these companies have NOT been really vetted for what they really contribute, esp those in China.
What is needed are satellites to monitor the globe and record CO2 flow IN and OUT of a region. That will actually allow a better check on things.

Comment Re:A bit steep IMO (Score 1) 168

well first off, Germany is a different area than America is.
Your temps are fairly mild. I grew up on ill/wisc border where we saw temps of -40C up to 40C (and that did not include the humidity; uggh).
So, to HVAC an OLDER home that has poor insulation, you either spend 50-100K re-doing the insulation, OR you spend maybe 10K on windows/insulation, and then switch to decent amount of geo-thermal units. Some of these places will take 10-15 kw of HVAC. Even by your prices, that will be EXPENSIVE. Heck, according to your link that is about 20K euros JUST FOR THE WELLS, not including the rest of the equipment.
Sad to say, our equipment currently is not competitive, but I think that it is about to change in the same way that solar did. That is what I am counting on with dandilion.

Comment Re:consequences (Score 1) 168

none. This is heat that is in the ground and works its way upwards. By storing heat in the summer, and then pulling it back out in the winter, it MIGHT see a slight lowering of the ground temp over a 50 year period, though that is doubtful. In addition, it would have to be with homes stacked one on top of the other.

Comment Re:Confusing and uninformative article (Score 1) 168

First off, I live in Colorado.
And Like you, I have been dealing with geothermal for a LONG time.
Why? Because it is very efficient and cheap to run. However, I have heard of these costing up to $50,000 in the Denver Basin. Namely in the city here in small yards/large house. And yes, we have California style building here.
Dandilions approach is not the small size, but the way that they drill it. They spent a lot of time trying to come up with a cheap way to drill. It appears that they combined drilling with impact. IOW, they are focused on the drilling.
Now, geo-thermal HVAC is all about moving heat between the ground to the house. Generally, dirt is an insulator. Some of it, such as clay, conducts heat nicely. As such, most companies have different strategies on how to do this. Some will dig trenches 3-4 meters down and then lay horizontal piping. Ok if you have a large yard. Others will drop a couple of pipes into ground water and then open loop it from there (horrible idea; raises water temp and encourages growth). Then the closed loop wells involve 2 different approachs; dig multiple wells(2-10 of these) down to say 300' OR dig just 2 wells DEEP;
Starting new wells is actually expensive. As such, dandi has apparently chosen to limit the wells to 2 of them and simply dig deeper/faster.

You mention about the heat pumps, and basically imply that these are bad. The answer it that these are needed to actually shift heat. For example, here in the west, pulling 55F out of the ground does not heat a house up to 68/72F. Far too many of the cheap ones go out. So, you need DECENT ones. Dandilion will apparently use water furnace 5 series, which several of them are well known for good service. Neither cheap,nor expensive. But once geo-thermal really starts moving foward, bet on it that these HPs will drop in price. BUT, the real issue is that the local contractors really stick it to the retrofits. HORRIBLE prices. I mean horrible. They talk 30-50K in this region. That is just plain crazy. I will say that adding geothermal while constructing a new home is the right way to go, but, few builders do it. Oddly, it can be done for about 15K, even down to 10K, depending on the situation.

Now,if these dandi can do it at 20-25K ALWAYS, then they are doing great and will make major changes to America. COmbined with a small solar set-up, and some decent insulation on a home, this is IDEAL.

Comment Re: Insulation is a better option (Score 2) 168

Ground-sourced HP replaces heating AND AC. With most homes in America, we pay a great deal more for cooling than heating. In large part, that is because AC is so inefficient, it requires much larger ondemand systems for the summer. If all homes had ground-sourced HP then electric demand for HVAC would change very minor over the seasons.

Comment Re: What they don't tell you in the article (Score 1) 168

Not so. U can install a geothermal HP to a poorly insulated house with no problem, and it will have it just fine iff you design it right. Basically, it requires a much larger unit with more holes drilled. Iow, u can put the money into inexpensive insulation, OR into relatively expensive HVAC. So, u are better off having decent insulation, combined with a properly sized geothermal HP.

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