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Comment Re: About time. (Score 1) 103

Yeah. What is weird is I was in 5 of those storms. 4 in Colorado, and one in Illinois. However, 1 of those storms was one that took out our hail resistant shingles, and then another storm that was actually worse did it again. While the 2nd storm was worse, it struck a very small area. Just the southern half of highlands ranch, but it lasted just shy of a half hour, with a great deal of the hail being golf ball size. When it stopped we had 2' of hail covering our yard. Even.though it was end of June, it stayed for nearly a week. A lot of expensive homes had extensive damage. Oddly, not a one of our solar panels were damaged which is why I want to switch to Tesla roof. Hate paying to fix. But when I asked about them, they said they were still working on the snow/cold rating.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 2) 103

have to admit that when I first saw, my thought was that it could not hold up. Yet, they showed it being hit with major hail testing and holding up.
I was shocked. That was the only reason I have gotten interested in that. Here in Colorado, in 10 years, we have replaced 2x, and our insurance is starting to go up.
So next time (and we will likely have another within 3 years), we will cut a deal with insurance to switch to this and have the money they owe applied towards it. Then we can get our insurance lowered back to normal.

And have to say, I do love that slate looking roof.

Comment About time. (Score 4, Interesting) 103

Musk has so many things going on. Amazing that he can track these.
Still, if he gets these off the ground and they have figured out the snow loads on them, we will be ordering these the next time that our roof is destroyed by hail (it will be the 3rd time).
These roofs are supposed to be more hail proof than concrete or slate tile, which hold up against all the hail on the front range (golf ball to baseball size).

Comment Re: While I think damore is an idiot, (Score 1) 1171

Damore was not the one that caused the bad press. He posted on what was supposed to be a private blog, in which some Google employee thought it was good to spread it around. That person is the one that should have been fired, not damore. As to him, when he spoke of differences in the genders for dealing with different jobs, I somewhat agree with him. As a generalization, women do not tend to focus as well as men, however, they appear to do better at juggling balls. Problem is, that is a simple generalization and plenty of individuals break it. One of the better kernel hackers that I have known, was a black woman with finger nails that were 6-12" . This was back at Bell labs/lucent. Incredibly bright and gifted. Yet plenty of other women that took up C. S. And yet were not that good at coding. But move them up the ladder to PM or manager, and they do great.

Comment stop this. Allow NN to die. (Score 1) 77

Seriously, let Net Neutrality die. Instead, CONgress needs to require that ALL states allow for muni networks as well as NO monopolies. Right now, all monopolies for coax, fiber, STP, etc are forced by state, local govs. If they were prevented from having gov. enforced monopolies, then as each ISP fucks with a locality, then either another ISP will compete, or the local gov can build out their own local much cheaper, much faster network.

Comment Re:Fertilizers are a major issue . . . (Score 1) 190

That is not quite true.
The fact is,that fertilizers and pesticides are sprayed over the fields and they easily use 10x what is needed. That is why so much run-off. However, if either were applied DIRECTLY to the plant and NOT to the field as a whole, then it would be possible to change the volume to 1/10, and with little to no run-off.

At some point, we will need to walk away from things like crop dusting and instead automate chemical applications in tiny amounts.

Comment Re:Demoralized (Score 1) 225

not really. What snowden reported was that a FEW of the employees had mismanaged the data and clearances. That is it.
The real issue now, is having a president that is claiming that the entire intelligence world is lying, when they are reporting that the president , VP, and others in the admin were committing treason and half of CONgress is claiming that they are lying.

Comment this is actually scary and bad (Score 1) 225

One thing about NSA is that they do not have any real powers, other than to spy and USED to keep American networks safe.
As such, they spend all their time listening in on what foreign gov and terrorists were up to so as to avoid any foolishness on our part.
Now, with this crumbling, the west is likely to have less intel which will mean that is is easier for a foreign power to set off a war.
Keep in mind that we saw what happens when NSA is forced to lie, even by our own side. We invaded Iraq based on out and out lies by W's admin. Worst of all, they forced the NSA to back him at first and they did to their discredit. NSA is supposed to be about FACTS, not about lies.

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