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Comment Re:Tourism dollars (Score 0) 422

Your article is about the EB-5 visa program, which has been around since 1990

And this is the first time a president's family sought to profit directly from that program.

And the very article you posted explicitly alludes to the fact that Trump may not let it go on:

That's a well-known sales technique for scumbags: "Get it while you can! Supplies are limited!"

Apart from all that, your reply was actually pretty weak.

Comment Re:success (Score 0) 73

While I agree with your sentiment, let's not forget that these were stolen NSA exploits.

Even the NSA can only find what's there. We can raise the software quality (i.e. lower the bug count) by at least two orders of magnitude, this has been demonstrated. It is more expensive, but not that much (not even one order of magnitude).

We just don't because making a quick buck before the shit hits the fan is still a viable business model.

Comment Re:Houston (Score 2) 107

Once you've gerrymandered yourself into place, what can displace you?

People move. Neighborhoods change. There's an election every two years. For example, some time back Texas had a law where you could only redraw districts every ten years. Texas realized that their safe gerrymandered districts were no longer safe. Passed a law saying they could have a "special" redraw (this is when Tom DeLay was in Congress, before he went to prison). The backlash saw a bunch of Republican districts flip to Democratic control. Not enough to take over power, but enough to scare them from trying that move again.

Texas is inexorably becoming a blue state. There are court cases to compel the state to use an independent commission to draw districts fairly. If those cases are successful, we will learn that Texas has actually been a blue state for a good long time, with the people being held hostage by a hostile government.

Comment Re:Houston (Score 1, Flamebait) 107

Yes, Houston is a shit hole, but it seems to be transitioning away from oil and gas and into health care.

Having had a close-up look over the past year, I can attest that all of Texas is a shit hole and much of the shittiness comes from the state legislature and the governor's office. Audacious gerrymandering has turned the state into a one-party system that would make North Korea envious. There is inexorable change coming, though. The thing about gerrymandering is that it only works for a while and you start to get diminishing returns.

Unfortunately, that still won't do anything about the fact that Texas is one of the most physically ugly places on Earth. Geographically-speaking. I've never been anywhere less picturesque.

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