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Comment Re:Still... (Score 1) 859

Actually, you are saving more than 50% because you still pay for only 13 Watts (as it is said in the article). Also, the poor power factor is not that problematic, because usually, in power substation, you can find capacitor bank to compensate... I admit you still need to wire for more current and you will create more current loss through the wires, but you are still winning because you need a lot more less power.

As long as they don't charge for poor power factor! (when that will be the case, I bet they will include the electronic to compensate)

Comment Re:No... (Score 1) 689

Actually, TRUE poetic and FAIR poetic might be a little dissimilar, because I would prefer that every case of juvenile incarceration done by these judge be reviewed.

While this is happening, many kid may have been incarcerated with no real base... who knows

I do believe that "judge corruption" is one of the worst crime ever. Whitout "clean judge" there is no justice. I also believe everyone, judge and whoever tried (and actually did) to corrupt the judge should be in prison and have some severe impact on everyone.

In one way, no judge should feel to be "over the law" and they should be scared to be judge... Anyway, I must be day-dreaming again, because this kind of thing won't ever happen. I have never seen any judge be hard on their colleges/peers.

Comment Re:Yeah... Ok (Score 1) 623

Exactly what I think.

The problem with death penalty is that when the law made a mistake (or when someone was frame for all the wrong reasons), there is no going back... You're dead!

It is bad enough when we read cases of person who spent 5, 10 or 15 years+ in prison and it was all a big mistakes. Yes, it's bad, but the person can get out, and the people who did the mistakes are liable to some extent.

In the case of death penalty, it just goes as an "oups! is dead, soo bad" and everyone just forgets about it...

Comment Re:Math (Score 1) 594

I understand your point of view, but charging capacitor during the whole day is not a viable option. This is due to the fact that the amount of Joules needed is enormous.

If you think about it, why would'nt we put these capacitor directly into the car... The answer, we can't (yet). The volume would be too big. This means the charging aparatus would be HUGE! hence, you would need a garage for the aparatus itself (plus probably a good amounth of cash). Unless, like you said, if it was at a charging station...

Comment Re:Math (Score 2, Informative) 594

Sorry but your maths are not exactly right!

Watts != Energy
Watts == Power!

Huge difference there. But I do agree that charging batteries for 100 miles/161km in 10 minutes will require a lot of Energy. I'll give it a try...

I read somewhere that a car needs about 30 hp on the highway at 100 km/h (62mph). If that is true, you will need about 22.37 kW for 1.61 hours. This means about 36 kW-hour of energy. Now, back to your house, in order to charge that in 10 minutes, you will need a power output of 216.1 kW. Using 240 Vac, this will result in a current of 900 Amp.

I may be wrong, but 900 Amps is a lot more than what the tipical house can take (200 Amps over here).

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