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Journal Journal: An Open Journal to Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer 11

Bill and Steve,

I know you guys have a lot on your plate with Windows right now, but I thought I would try and make your life a little easier by solving the piracy problem for you. I've worked out a plan to completely put an end to piracy of Microsoft products and it's just a modification of your current licensing scheme!

Ever since you guys moved to using Windows registration combined with license keys, you've certainly put somewhat of a roadblock to piracy in place. But, people are still pirating Windows. You know that and I know that. I think part of the problem is that you guys were a little soft on the issue. If you really want to stop piracy of your products try this:

1. Keep track of every one of those codes in a database
2. Require that all Windows machines have an always on or "phone home" connection to the internet. No internet? No Windows.
3. Disable a Windows installation if any one of those codes was not generated by MS, thereby destroying all registration key generators
4. Disable multiple Windows installations if there are duplicate registration codes/software keys
5. Get rid of Volume License Key versions of Windows
6. Require users with disabled copies of Windows to buy a new registration key at the full price of a new copy of Windows. This can be extended to people who originally had pirated copies so that they don't lose the data they have on that machine.

These simple changes would most assuredly end Windows OS piracy because it would no longer be possible for people to install Windows on multiple systems without MS's knowledge. This is good because it would end piracy as we know it today. This could be extended to MS software such as Office as well. People would complain but that doesn't really matter as the end goal is to end piracy. Or is it???

UPDATE: I will note that no one seems to want to touch this topic with a ten foot pole. Is it because no one really wants to stop piracy? Including the big companies that purport to loathe it? Is because a lot of you are afraid of being caught with a pirated copy of Windows or other Microsoft products? Is it because a lot of you don't want piracy to stop since it is how you acquire some or all of your software?

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Journal Journal: The Bush Admin: Last Quarter Report 4

Having watched just how much the Bush administration has screwed Iraq reminds me of something very similar that happened a few years back in a local business. It wasn't reported on the news because it was pretty much unknown to anyone outside of the business. I had a friend who worked for a company that hired out to do lots of different types of computer related technical work. In general, they had a fair reputation and got all sorts of things done. Migrations, mass deployments of workstations and servers, etc. This one friend had gotten employment in this firm through a friend of his who we will call X. Even I was invited to come and work for this firm since X vaguely knew me from previous business. I declined because the position I had at the time was very stable and in the public sector.

This firm assigned X and my other friend to a transportation company that was migrating from Unix to Windows. X had connections through family and friends that had gotten him into this firm in the first place. Even though his technical skills weren't quite up to par (don't tell him that) for this project, he still got the assignment. So... I heard about the progress of this migration over the course of a few weeks. Initially things seemed to be progressing slowly. Not much work was getting done other than the movement of some hardware. Then there were other delays that were, as far as I could gather, stalling tactics in order to distract people from the fact that X had no plan for the migration at all.

I kept talking to my friend about X and found out that there was also some dirty dealings going on. Systems were being pilfered for personal gain and hardware was going home. I heard that X and a few of his friends were the beneficiaries of the missing systems. Then, one day, X didn't show up for work. It was advantageous because he was to be fired that day. The people at the firm had figured out that something wasn't right about X and were getting ready to ditch him. But X was warned ahead of time by one of his connections and already had started working at another company. Meanwhile, my friend and the few people who weren't friends of X were left to complete the migration which turned out to be a disaster in the end.

The client was left with a system that didn't work and more than likely had to contract out with someone else to clean up the mess. Meanwhile X moved on to another cushy "tech" job where he didn't do anything other than outsource all of his responsibilities at the company's expense. The only reason X hasn't faltered is that he really does have vast connections in the local business world that were established by his father and grandfather. All he has to do is coast along in pseudo tech jobs "managing" other people.

Bush is very much the same exact type of person as X and Iraq is a lot like that failed migration. I suppose that some conservatives might change their tune if there was a "quarterly report" issued about the president's performance in the handling of Iraq that was formatted in corporate style and sourced with info from outside of the US media. But then again maybe not since they don't seem to trust anything that isn't in line with their views.

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Journal Journal: Ask Hashsnot: RealAudio/Video Streams Worth Watching? 2

In light of the dumbed down quality of radio and television in un-America, are there any audio or video feeds in Real format that any of my friends or foes would like to recommend?

A few years back, before the bubble burst, I used to watch some movies from However, when they went to a pay service with very few free streams, I lost interest. Most of the stuff there is not worth paying to see.

The other place I frequent is The Internet Archive's Prelinger Film Collection. It can be kitchy fun to watch those old outdated hygeine films from the 40s and 50s. Or the clips about the great "future" with flying cars and robots.

For good, relaxing "space music", I go to Hearts of Space which is Linux friendly as it has RealMedia streams. This is the perfect way to relax on a Sunday night before the start of the week. If it's not on your local Public Radio station, then you should look into the streams available in neighboring cities. The show features mostly instrumental music with which you can typically relax and zone out. The progams vary in theme from classical to world beat, electronic to jazz, folksy to sacred. I've been listening since before they went into syndication. My first listen was in 1982 when I was 12, and I've continued to follow the program as I can. A+++

For decent news that you can trust slightly more than the "news" in un-America, great music compared to Clear Channel crap, and radio shows that we don't really have here anymore, there is BBC Radio. It's a shame that radio here in un-America is in such bad shape. All they play is worthless news-o-tainment, and shit "music". NPR and Public Radio Internation have some interesting programming, but since their funding is pretty low because most Americans are too stupid to appreciate real music, news and entertainment, the donations don't come flooding in. At least in the UK, the Beeb is funded from a tax that provides Auntie with a richer base for decent production. Oh... and the Brits tend to be a lot more literate than your typical citizen in un-America, so they appreciate programming of a higher caliber. Check out Radio 2 and Radio 7!

So... those are a few things I've found for entertainment, but I want more... Are there any local TV stations from around the world that netcast over RealVideo? There used to be, but I'm having more and more trouble finding them. I'd love to be able to see some programming from outside of the U.S. So far eDonkey has been the only ticket, but I'd really like to know if there are live streams of anything. eDonkey allowed me to see "The Worst Week of My Life", by far one of the funniest comedies I've seen in a long time, in March about a week out of sync with it's original air dates. BBC America is just starting to run it now. If you get BBC America, watch this series, it's hilarious!!!


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Journal Journal: Thanks Brent 8

Due to my somewhat harsh, but called for troll in one of his JEs last night, Brent Metzler foed me. I am happy about this because it is well deserved. I don't like the arrogant sack. Not one bit. He opposes everything and everyone that I stand for, therefore it's really apt for me to be on his foes list. He's a self-centered, egotist who doesn't regard people beneath him as his responsibility. He is a perfect example of what's wrong with the U.S. today. Too many people are too busy thinking about themselves and not asking themselves these questions:

-How can I help those who have less than I do?
-How can I make life easier for people who don't have all the opportunities I have?
-How can I make the world a better place for everyone regardless of their social, economic, or racial background?

Instead he represents the worst un-America has to offer. He represents people who are soley focused on their own personal gain. These are people who ask the following questions:

-How can I make sure that the deck is stacked in my favor?
-How can I make certain that any wealth I accumulate is always in my possession even if I can live without it?
-How can I set the system up in such a way that those people over there who don't have what it takes are filtered out and any benefit from the system comes only to me and my friends?

I don't want to be on Brent's team. I want to be on the team that is going to be more beneficial to everyone on the planet as a whole. That means, native Americans, the peoples of the African continent, Aborigines, South American Indians, the people struggling to get out of poverty in every nation on the planet, basically the underdog. Brent Metzler and his lies only serve to help the people who want to screw anyone who doesn't belong to a certain class, or look and act a certain way. Who wants to be associated with people like that other than damaged un-American jerks? People like Brent are damaging the United States and it's global reputation. Remember, humans live on the planet Earth, not just the United States. I'm an Earthman first and a REAL American second. Brent is just a fucking jerkwad.

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Journal Journal: What First Made You Move from Windows to another OS? 2

This should really be a story submission on the front page,but considering how poorly run Slashdot is, it would never make it. Like I care at this point.

My move from Windows to Linux was precipitated the first time that I saw the Enlightenment Window Manager and G.I.M.P. At that point, I'd been working on Windows 3.1 and then 95a. I was using Windows for audio production (because I couldn't afford a Mac) and desktop publishing. My most used applications were Cakewalk Pro Audio, Wave for Windows, CoolEdit, Adobe Photoshop 2 and then 3, Aldus Pagemaker (later became Adobe) and Goldenhawk Technology's CDRWIN. I started off with a 486 DX2 66 with 16 Megs of RAM in August of 1994 and DOS 6.22/Win 3.1. Then I progressed to a 486 DX4 100 with 32 Megs of RAM, and Windows 95a. I also upgraded from cheapo IDE to a SCSI disk system.

With Windows 3.1, I really felt like I was slumming it compared to Mac OS 7 from my college years or even my Atari 1040ST. In word, the user interface sucked ass. When Windows 95 came out it was a nice improvement, but it still needed work. What was particularly frustrating was when I found out how little effort had been put into the MIDI subsystem of Windows 95. It was basically carried over from Windows 3.1! That was when I decided that Microsoft cared only for the business world and not the creative media world (which was growing in import at the time). I got sick of the promises from Microsoft and sent in a letter telling them they'd better start paying attention to musicians and artists if they ever want to be taken seriously by us. However, I knew this would fall on deaf ears because business is where they think they can make more money. They didn't seem to realize that many of the creative folk who AREN'T in business was willing to drop hundreds or thousands on our tools in one pop without batting an eye if the tools are good.

I'd played around with Unix and VMS in college and when a friend at my first real job out of college introduced me to Linux I gave it a try. At the time, Linux was pretty hard to get going, but I did it and was intrigued. I couldn't get X running though, so back to Win 3.1 and my Mac emulator. But as time went on I kept my eye on Linux. Then one day in 1997, I saw the Enlightenment Window Manager and realized Linux was where I needed to be no matter how hard it was to set up. I installed Redhat 4 and then set out to try out Enlightment. I finally got it installed and running after a week of reading and trying to understand what I was doing. The end results were truly rewarding. What had previously been a boring old Windows 95 system was now a much more reliable and powerful desktop with a lot of great eye candy.

My other goal was to try out G.I.M.P. Since it came with the OS distribution, I just ran it and played with it. The reasons I was using Photoshop (digital image manipulation) were more than suited to GIMP and I was sold. I never bought another Adobe product again.

Within the first six months I discovered SAMBA, IP Masquerading/NAT, and Apache. Since I was also learning how to work with Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0 on the job, I soon realized I could have the same functionality at home for free. Since I'm not rich and am completely opposed to piracy, I saw an instant appeal in Linux that went beyond the initial eye candy (Enlightenement) and killer app (GIMP) phase. Now, there is no going back for me. The only thing that has kept me dealing with Windows at home is audio and video production. In the Spring of 2004 I finally got my pro audio interface (An Echo Layla 20) working in Linux. I've been playing around with it for a bit. Technically, Linux, at the OS level, is farther ahead than Windows in the audio/MIDI realm. The application realm is starting to progress, but there are still things I am missing from Windows or the Mac. However, at thisd point, I only have one installation of Windows XP here at home. It's on my audio/video workstation. If the apps move further along within the next year or two, Windows will probably disappear from my life other than work.

What about you?

Update: Hell and bat's doos. I forgot to enable comments earlier. Thanks Sam.

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Journal Journal: This Guy Rules 6

It was the summer of 1984 and I was just coming in from my backyard at about midnight. It was fairly warm that evening and I was feeling a bit down. So I did what any normal 80s teen would do and I turned on the TV for a little companionship. I loved old movies and took a trip through the dial, but was greeted with westerns which I didn't care for. The... at exactly midnight, I landed on our local PBS affiliate. I heard the familiar sounds of Isao Tomita playing Claude Debussy's Arabesque. Since I loved Tomita's decidedly whimsical renditions of classical music, I stopped. This was the first time I ever watched Jack Horkheimer's weekly progam, Star Hustler. Since I already had a slight interest in astronomy, I was hooked. I then began to seek the show out. Whenever I was on family vacations, I would look for the local PBS station to see if they carried Star Hustler. Many times I was treated to the show at excellent viewing opportunities (star gazing that is). Now, in the 21st century, good old Jack is on the net and in Linux friendly RealPlayer format! :) I don't think I will ever miss an episode again. Go out this weekend and check out Venus just before sunrise with Regulus by her side. I'm getting the urge to try and start building that homemade telescope again... That guy should get an "Ultimate Geek" award as he exemplifies many of the finer qualities of a true geek. How many of you grew up with "The Hork"?
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Journal Journal: Keeping the classics alive 4

The Marx Brothers were geniuses. Even today, their humor is exquisite. Take this exchange between Groucho Marx and Margaret Dumont from The Coconuts (1929):

Groucho: Now you've gotten it out of me. I love you.
Mrs Potter: I don't think you'd love me if I were poor.
Groucho: I might, but I'd keep my mouth shut.

Such timeless humor. Do yourself a favor and rent a Marx Brothers video this weekend.

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Journal Journal: Debate Prediction 7

The bloviating pundits will say that Kerry was "...aloof and cold. Out of touch with the average American". On the other hand, they will paint Bush as "...down to earth and very in touch with the average American. Even some of his slip ups were endearing since we can all see ourselves in similar situations". It's going to be so disgusting I can't bring myself to watch. A special message to the president from me: Go fuck yourself!

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Journal Journal: The Goal 3

I will be the first to admit that this isn't too well thought out at the moment. But... I've been thinking about why the United States is so fractured politically right now. A lot of people on both sides put up a good talk about wanting to work together in non-partisan fashion, but it never really seems to work out either due to incompetence or corruption. While thinking about some of this I realized that what people in the United States really need is to define hard and fast goals that they can share as a common thread. I think this is impossible because many people have goals that are counter to one another no matter how good or bad their intentions. The root of the problem is that people suck as a rule. So how do we reach these goals? Or better yet. What is "The Goal".

I would argue that since most people are selfish and greedy, the goal should be self-centered, but with enough of a positive influence on other people that it couldn't help but be good for others. Sort of like a social version of "free/open source software". If most people are being completely honest, one of the biggest reasons for the success of free/oss is that much of the "product" is free of charge. This is a selfish/greed motivator. However, the good side to this is that if you do get involved with free/oss and contribute back to it as you find new ways to use it, then you really are having a positive influence on others. That's what makes the GNU GPL so appealing to some. So... how do we apply this to social/political issues? Basically find a way to help people help others. Because the REAL goal at the root is to make life better for others.

Comments? Opinions? Rants? (Please, please, please rant)

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Journal Journal: Homeownership 7

Am I just completely nuts, or has the world gone crazy? Read this then, tell me how someone who makes $110,000 a year (not me) could possibly afford a home that is $400,000+? How do people live these days? I have no problem revealing my stats because I don't particularly care. But... I make about $55,000 a year before taxes and I am just pushing the edge of my financial limits with a house that cost $137,000 that I was able to make a $50,000 down payment on. So my loan is $87,000. By the article's logic, I should be in a house that is in the $200,000+ range. WTF? How? Are people that irresponsible with their debt? Sorry, but I'm extremely fiscally conservative when it comes to my personal finances and I don't waste money on any non-essentials other than the occasional movie and computer hardware. So what about you folks. Anyone think I'm all wet with my finances?

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Journal Journal: What I'm Hating Today 7

Up front appy polly loggies: If you are offended by my miniscule trifles, sorry. BUt these really AREN'T any big deal at all.

1. I could never for the life of me figure out WHY on earth IT guys seem to be driven to wear the worst clothes possible. My particular pet peeve is the ad polos. For one thing, polo shirts are out, period. There is no reason that ANYONE in this day and age should be wearing polo shirts. But an even worse travesty is the polo shirt with the corporate logo on it. Second to that is the t-shirts with the corporate logos on them. Having the mascot for a movement (The BSD devil, the GNU, or Tux are fine) is fine because it represents an idea or organization that does not solely exist for profit. But polo shirts! Ugggh!!! In my book, anyone who voluntarily wears a polo shirt puts out the image of a loser immediately. That goes double if you're sitting in a lame sports car wearing shades.

2. People who don't understand the reason why you should keep a good deal of distance between you and the car in front of you. Screw the suggestion that you you beat count how many seconds in front of you the car is. The original concpet of one car length per every 10 miles per hour made a lot more sense. I always make sure I maintain a good 50-80 feet between my car and the car in front of me when I'm on the highway going between 50 and 65 miles an hour. It's just a good thing to do, period. End of story! People who think they have the right to just sit on your tail while going 65 mph need to come to my house so I can give them a little wisdom "Mr. Eddie Style" (if you've seen Lost Highway, you know what I mean).

3. OK, OK... this one is gratuitous, but I HATE boring music. What do I think is boring? Number one on my list of boring music is country music. I can't stand country music! What's worse is that there are so many "pop/rock" performers these days that are nothing more than country disguised as "rock". If their songs were played back in the 80s, there would have been no mistaking the style. However, today music is massively confused. Another style I ABHOR is classic rock. OK. So they were the first rockers to break away from the Elvis sound and "paved the way". I can deal with that. There is no reason to hold them up as being anything more than the pioneers though. Sorry, but guitar rock is massively overrated these days unless it's industrial which I CAN give a break because it's got some electronics in it. Grindcore, "Hip-Hop" (there is a difference between today's hip-hop and the real stuff from the 60s through to the early 90s), Grunge, Yuppie Rock (think Bare Naked Ladies, Dave Matthews Band, Train), most "Neo Punk" and Country-Rock crossovers all eat so much ass I can't even waste much time on them unless someone wants to challenge me on these.

4. The ugly glasses frames with very limited selections these days. For one, my wife and I do not like the ugly "hip" frames that all the liberal/femenists are wearing today. You know the ones I'm talking about. They are usually narrow, rectangular and thicker plastic. They are part of the travesty that is "geek chic". These HAVE GOT TO BE THE BIGGEST FUCKING JOKE that the fashion world has played on people since bell bottoms. The problem is that there isn't ANY choice if you are female and looking for some interesting stylish frames. You either go with those 60s monstrosities, or you go dull and get wireframes in that oval or soft rectangle style. Whatever happened to the Lennon frames!? The real problem is that there isn't enough variety. Not everyone who wears glasses looks good in the limited set of styles.

5. Reality TV bites ass!! Survivor, The Bachelor, even "Joe Average". They ALL SUCK and if you waste your eyeballs on this crap, then you deserve to lose the .5 IQ points per episode you lose for watching. Whatever happened to the idea of a good storyline?! Thank god for BBC America. At least that gives people like me some access to entertaining television that actually revolves around a plot. Screw reality TV. It's for morons who wouldn't know what creative was if it bit them on the genitals.

That is all.

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Journal Journal: Stream of Consiousness 3

Music playing in my head right now:
Dannii Minogue - Vibe On

Plug it in give me my vibe on.
Give me vibrations.
That's what gets my ride on,
gotta have vibrations.
Jump on top it, sit right on it
Plug it in give me my vibe on,
gotta have viberations

Weather in my head:
Partly cloudy

Mental Dream Meal:
-Chappatis with garlic butter and a side of Hummus
-Lentil & Chicken Stew
-Sweet Black Cherries
-A tall glass of ice cold Stevia sweetened lemonade

Environmental Conditions of External Body:
-Cool extremities
-Nails a little too long with some chipping
-Socks feel a bit too warm
-Eyelids heavy with sleep

Mental Gymnastics for Tonight:
-Finally install and Play Doom III for a bit
-Play around with support for Echo Layla under Linux some more. Maybe recompile a few apps.
-Play around with OpenVPN

Mental Forecast for tomorrow:
-Ahhhhhh.... finally! A day off! More Frozen Bubble!!!

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Journal Journal: Election 2004: The Bottom Line 4

This has to be the worst presidential campaign year I've witnessed to date. People are so heavily polarized that it ensures that no third party has a prayer of winning. The two candidates are complete jackasses. Bush will surely lead us further down the wrong path. Kerry will probably just be ineffective. It's a complete travesty. What to do, what to do?

Putting aside any partisan feelings you may have. Sit down and ask yourself some important questions. The answers don't have to add up to any particular candidate as these questions will have different answers for everyone:

1. What has the current administration personally done to make my life harder/easier? Will I benefit from this administration staying or going?
2. Since both parties have nothing to offer but duds, which one do I think will do the least damage to the quality of life for me and my loved ones? What, exactly, do I define as "quality of life"? Living in a gated community? Putting food on the table? Improving my condition?
3. IMPORTANT: How has my life changed during this administration? Is it better? Worse? Same as it ever was? If it did change, how did it change exactly and how is the current administration responsible for this change? How do I think a Kerry administration would fare?
4. IMPORTANT: What services has the current administration provided that have personally helped/harmed me? How do I think a Kerry administration would perform in this arena compared to Bush?
5. Considering that by some accounts both Kerry and Bush supported the operations in Iraq, how do I think the operations have gone? Does the current state there reflect something that we should hold ANYONE (yes even Kerry) who supported the action accountable, or are the problems there soley the responsibility of the new free government of Iraq? Can it even be considered that there is a free government in Iraq?
6. Comparing American media on Sept. 11th 1999 with Sept. 11th 2004, has there been a chilling effect on truth in media caused by the Bush administration? Will Kerry do the same? (Oddly, if you think about it, the media as a whole are creidted with bring ultra -conservative liberal whackos.)
7. IMPORTANT: Regarding dissent; Since the Bush administration have created the concept of "free speech" zones and most conservatives seem to be OK with this. Let me put this question to conservatives: Would you like to see the practice continued if Kerry were to win the election and he was running again in 2008? Would you feel that being kept a little over a mile away from the candidate and his followers would be an effective way of voicing your dissent? For the liberals: Would you like to see Free Speech zones continued if Kerry were to win the election? Do you think tit-for-tat is a good policy?
8. IMPORTANT: How do you make the distinction regarding which "moral" aspects of the private life of a candidate are important to that candidate's suitability to office? Is sexual preference an issue that would make a candidate unfit for office? What about extramarital affairs? Would a history of drinking or drug problems concern you? Which of these selected topics would have a stronger influence on how the president governs you personally? Is Bush's past with drinking and cocaine an issue? What about any possible affairs? Kerry? And the big question: why?
9. Specifically for the christian conservative: Do you think religion should have any impact on the governing of the U.S? If so, do you think that Bush has exemplified the image of a godly man? Are you willing to look away from some of the possible issues with Bush since he talks the talk?

Sit down and ask yourself these questions. If you want, post your answers here. But whatever you do, forget all the partisan crap and look at facts. There are serious issues with both major candidates and a third party is now more than ever not an option. Not unless some third party candidate with a hell of a lot of charisma can sweep the country and sway the majority of voters. Honestly, I don't think [insert your chosen savior here] could make it as a third party candidate this year.

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Journal Journal: OK. OK. Uncle!!! You Win!!! You Win!!! 2

Contrary to my earlier JE, I've decided that it is in the better interests of all considered that I change my SIG. I have put up a new SIG that better expresses reality than my old one. Go check it out...

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Journal Journal: Regarding Pudge (a silly little /. editor) 11

Although I don't think Pudge is responsible for my bans as he can't possibly be THAT stupid. He isn't being straightforward either. Sure the post was "off topic", but how else am I supposed to find out what's going on with my account if no one's home at

Just a quick summary of the events of yesterday. Earlier in the day I decided to check and see if my ban was lifted by posting a test in one of the main story threads. It gets modded "Off Topic", but it DOES post. So, I think, "Cool! Ban lifted". Then I change my sig back to what it currently is "some unimportant dig at the Republican party". Just a few hours later I try and post, and... I'm banned again. I didn't get enough downmods yesterday to put my karma in the basement (it's still "Excellent" as of the moment) but for some reaon I'm banned again. The only conclusion I can draw is that someone doesn't like my admittedly silly anti-Republican SIG. Update: The SIG in question said, "If you like dead soldiers, thank a Republican".

I've tried going through the appropriate channels by sending mail to to determine if there is some kind of special moderation I am unaware of, or if I am now on some kind of "ban as soon as he gets one downmod" list. I just want a simple answer. But all I get is... nothing. Much like a lot of other people here, I am starting to see just how poorly operated Slashdot is. When it was just a smaller site without the monetary issue of subscriptions attached to it and it was run by Taco, it was great fun. Now, it's just a cesspool of wiry geeks with the newer editors being prime examples of what happens when you give the keys to the little runt that's trying to keep up with the big guy. (Think Scrappy Doo of the Scooby Doo cartoon or Cheops of Battle of the Planets).

One of my friends tried posting a point regarding my ban in Pudge's journal. Any reply to that post has been downmodded (probably by Pudge) so as to preserve the fantasy that no one disagrees with Pudge. Today I posted a direct question to Pudge and I got the above warning. Putting aside the fact that I asked him to foe me last month and he hasn't honored my request, he is now threatening to foe me thinking that this will bother me somehow. He can foe me if he likes. It's not like I've posted in his journal more than two or three times or that it provides much to look at anyway. It does, however, concern me that a Slashdot editor is not willing to address real issues being raised by a formerly happy reader.

That is why I've posted this JE. This is a place where Pudge can respond if he so choses. It is also a place where I will publically request that Pudge foe me since we are obviously at opposite ends of the spectrum politically. And finally, I will also make the statement directly to Pudge: I have no intention of changing my SIG no matter what anyone at Slashdto may do to my account. If you destroy my account, then I will simply create another. All you will have accomplished by this ridiculous vendetta against my silly SIG is created yet another user who only wants to stay here simply to be a thorn in your side. So how do you want things Pudge? Bottom line to whoever is banning me: you created this problem, you can fix it.

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