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Comment This may explain it (Score 2) 233

I received an email from Chase Online Banking today saying Microsoft is retiring their Money software. Here's the text...

We have been notified that Microsoft® is retiring their Money and Money Plus software. As a result, we will no longer support Microsoft Money at Starting January 31, 2011: * We will remove or disable all online banking features within Money. * You will not be able to use Money to download transactions from Chase Online. * You will still have the ability to download your transactions from as a file to import into your Money software. * Any charges you are currently charged by us in order to use Money with Chase Online will end. Please note that if you choose to continue downloading your Chase Online transactions into Personal Financial Management (PFM) software to pay bills or make transfers, you’ll need to switch to another software, such as Quicken® or QuickBooks®. PFM software fees to use other software with Chase Online may still apply.

Comment Webcam motion video (Score 1) 296

And Opera 11 *STILL* can not display 'streaming' video from webcams like the Panasonic Network Cameras, USB cams using Webcam32, etc. The last version where this worked reasonably well was v10.10. It just pisses me off that they can add tab stacking and all sorts of crud that is pretty useless (to me) and can't seem to do simple stuff that Firefox and older version of Opera do well. I've been using Opera as my usual browser since v5 (or maybe earlier, I'm old and can't remember) and like it a lot but this one thing annoys me so muck I'm about to jump ship for Firefox or something else that will fill my daily needs.

Comment I love Opera, but... (Score 2, Informative) 283

I'm using Opera as I write but unfortunately I'm stuck with v10.10. Opera has this habit of breaking stuff that used to work well when new versions are released. My current gripe is streaming/motion video from various types of webcams like the Panasonic network cams and pc cams streaming using Webcam32 (and some cam other software too). I have a bunch of these that monitor remote sites, watch spectrum analyzers that monitor satellite uplink gear, etc. If I upgrade to the latest Opera version it breaks the ability to view all of my cameras. I have filed bug reports and made Opera blog posts regarding the issue all to no avail. So, I keep using the last version known to work and hope for the best in future versions. Sure, I could use Firefox but I really do prefer Opera and there is a lot about Firefox that I do not like.

Comment Am I missing something? (Score 2, Interesting) 1066

The fine folks at Slysoft have had HD/BD ripping capability in their AnyDVD-HD product for quite some time. If the object is simply to be able to rip your Blu-Rays to hard drive, why is this key such a big deal? Or, do some users have other reasons that actually involve the data stream between the player/device and their display? Or, maybe I mis-understand the whole thing.

Comment Some people do watch at lot but... (Score 4, Interesting) 134

I have rated 2223 items at Netflix, 99% feature length movies. Since becoming a member I have received and watched 1034 movies. I own a little over 2000 dvds and Blu-Rays. Yes, I watch a lot of movies (and obviously have no life). But, that is my main entertainment; I do not subscribe to cable or satellite tv, I am over 60 years old, and have seen a -lot- of film over the years. And no, I won't tell you where I live or how the alarm system works. So yeah, I suppose I can see how someone could have rated -maybe- 5000 movies/shows. But, 50,000? I can not quite fathom that. Perhaps someone with even less of a life than mine spends all day compulsively rating movies based entirely on their descriptions and cast lists? Robots? The studios and/or MPAA? As a side note, Netflix recommendation engine seems to have no clue whatsoever what I am likely to enjoy, probably due to my wide range of preferences. I am constantly amused at some of the stuff they suggest and have noticed that the old pre-contest engine, for my tastes, was much more likely find stuff I like and potentially rent.

Comment What, why? (Score 1) 747

From TFA: "Just as the MPAA is preparing to offer movies to customers at home while they're still in theaters ..."

If I'm still in the theater why would I also want the movie showing at home?

Comment Re:Yep (Score 1) 336

I am also in Rochester, NY. I do not subscribe to cable tv, only Roadrunner 'Turbo' (faster than standard Roadrunner residential). Until recently I was paying $59.94/month for 15M down and 1M up. This month the bill went up to $64.90. Because I do not have cable tv service the prices reflect the extra TW 'punishment fee' of $5/month. You must be doing something wrong if all you can get from TW is 3M/512K for $55. AFAIK 'standard' service is 10M/512K. Of course, don't forget the 'Up To' clause on their speed ratings. Perhaps you have not actually called and checked the prices recently?

Comment 121 deg is no coincidence (Score 1) 149

Hmmm, the cells reproduce at exactly 121 deg. Celsius. The Flux Capacitor requires 1.21 jigawatts (gigawatts) to power time travel. It is becoming increasingly clear the the number 121 is a cosmic 'magic number' and we propose that the red rain particles are indeed small time travelers from possibly another dimension sent on a mission to... well, we're just not sure of the mission. Whatever it is it's probably not good. I have a bad feeling about this.

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