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Comment Re:Yup (Score 2) 171

"Right to Work" is not some blanket designation for "bad workplace policies that I want government to abolish". All "Right to Work" stands for is preventing closed shops... that is, a workplace where one MUST join a union to be employed. Now, mind you, OSTENSIBLY a union should protect you from policies such as third party arbitration through a CBA, but that's not guaranteed. So lumping an arbitration agreement under "Right to Work" is simply incorrect.

Comment Good luck, HR. (Score 1) 171

I can't even remember if I signed off on a waiver. Do you think your HR department kept a copy? Ideally, it would have been scanned into an archival system immediately.

Now, this doesn't address the immorality of the whole issue, but... arbitration? I've been at my employer for over 10 years. You sure you have proof of that?

Comment Re:Not really true (Score 1) 383

By a strange coincidence, Uber is exactly the same price as a taxi.

Well, that's what happens when a government engages in de facto rate fixing. Of course, the Uber drivers are the ones who suffer, since eventually they'll just change careers or driver for one of the monopolistic cab companies because it's certain they will make more money that way. Small business always loses due to the costs of compliance.

Comment Re:Are you trying to tell me... (Score 1) 164

What you're talking about has a basis in actual scripture, but was twisted by your prof (or your memory, or both). Jesus' example was actually regarding infidelity, which is something that many of us can more readily identify with (it can make it that much harder to be faithful to your spouse if you're allowing yourself to ogle hot chicks all the time). And ironically, Jesus said that it's what comes out of one's mouth, not what goes into it, that makes one unclean, so your prof's example is all that much more unsuitable.

Comment Re:Are you trying to tell me... (Score 2) 164

Or maybe it's because they've covered it already, and realize it's all extrapolation and speculation.

No, Christians do not believe Islam started with Ishmael. Christian theologians are familiar with Islam's claim on Ishmael, but realize that the religion was created by Muhammad ibn Abdullah out of tribal legends and what he learned second-hand from Jews and Gnostics.

Comment Re: I took the bus once (Score 1) 588

So you weigh yourself after taking a dump to see how much your duke weighs, or what?

Protip: these items can be completed the night before:
- Weigh myself
- Take a shower (tough one, I know)
- Making lunch
- Taking out trash (I don't know ANY place that doesn't let you put your trash out the night before as long as it's after dark)

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