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Comment Of course it's free speech! (Score 1) 503

People have been misleading other people since people have existed. Newspapers, radio, magazines, television have all mislead people (sometimes intentionally). And let's not even start with politicians and their lies. It's all free speech, even if a lot of it is bullshit or offensive. Just grow up already!!!!

I gotta leave my computer now and order something I just saw on television - one of those "As Seen On TV" thingies. I bet it works just as advertised!!

Comment Re:Mondays are the worst if you make them that way (Score 1) 103

One nice thing about Mondays is that Friday the thirteenth never happens on a Monday. But look out for one at the end of THIS week!

At my age (64) Thursdays and Fridays are the worst days. I'm worn out by then and it takes me the whole weekend to recover. On Mondays I'm fresh and recharged again . . . . at least until midweek.

Comment Re:Pipe bombs would have killed thousands. (Score 1) 1219

Maybe he just didn't like country music. Maybe he loved country music but didn't like what it has become. Maybe he was so deep in debt because of his gambling that he just snapped. We really don't have a clue yet.

Everybody is closer to becoming insane than they realize. All it takes is something or somebody flipping the switch. We're all capable of doing horrendous things.

There will be plenty of time later to throw political bombs. Save it until then.

Comment Re:Why So Long? (Score 3, Insightful) 174

There is no good reason they couldn't do it in one day. I suspect they're trying to get some good publicity from people who don't know any better. Your typical American, who doesn't pay attention to details, will be impressed by this move, all the while letting their credit be vulnerable.

All of the credit reporting companies should offer free credit locking and unlocking, and there was never any reason, other than greed, that they should have been charging for it.

Comment Intel needs a better name for their cpu (Score 1) 119

Am I the only one who is amused by the name Intel chose to name their CPUs? Core? Really? It has been a source of amusement since the first one they made.

It just sounds silly to say 4 core Core i5 or 18 core Core i9. It's nearly as amusing as "https colon slash slash slash dot dot org".

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