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Comment Banks, ATMs and email receipts (Score 1) 141

One of my biggest security peeves is the question at ATMs that wants to email me a receipt of my transaction! I would love it if my bank communicated with me that way, but not without me giving them a public encryption key first. Getting my balance and info sent to me by email sounds like the stupidest thing in the world... I'm really surprised no banking security experts have mentioned anything (I'm looking at you BofA)

Comment Dvorak & TypeMatrix (Score 1) 190

I have to say that I'm absolutely, head over heels in love with my current keyboard. yes, it doesn't click loud, I had this angry typing mode that would let anyone within miles know that I was coding my ass off, that's the only thing I miss, other than that, I love the key placement (putting the enter key in the center is genius, as is making caps-lock really hard to reach). I'm sorry for those old school people who refuse to learn anything new, but if you really want to feel a difference, give the typematrix keyboard a fly for a month. Though I type Dvorak, I managed to have my QWERTY coder GF converted to it as well, and she loves it. And no, not affiliated with it, just a VERY satisfied customer.

Comment Draw a line in the sand (Score 1) 176

My number one advice to anyone thinking about starting a business is to draw a line in the sand. Clearly state to yourself and others how much money you're willing to put into the business and how much time you're willing to spend. The DAY that you cross that line evaluate, if the business is not at that point successful, STOP spending money and call it quits. Number two advice. Don't be the only one spending money, if your business idea is not good enough to get someone (not in your family) interested enough to help you bank roll it, then it's not likely good enough to be worth it. Besides, with that you also get someone else who's vested into the success, and that person/group can help you find other resources you might need. But that's just generic business advice.. about software I have much more to say, but if you don't have those two then no matter how good you think your idea is you won't make it.

Comment Re:Did not evolve for mammoths (Score 1) 187

We evolved in Africa, but we also evolved *after* Africa, and I guess we continue to evolve. Yes, I know that while we were in Africa we were not eating wholly beasts, but we certainly did for a long period during the last glaciation, that's what I was referring to. I'd say 30,000 years (or whatever) of eating Mammoth probably gave us a taste for them.

Comment What would they taste like? (Score 2, Interesting) 187

We were around while these beasts roamed the earth, and may have had a hand in their disappearance to begin with. Given that our ancestors evolved to eat these animals, my personal theory is that Mammoth meat is perfect, and thus it's likely to be the tastiest meat there is. I for one, am looking forward to cloning enough of these that we could grow them for meat.

Comment Re:As Wallace Matson said: (Score 1) 1007

I'm not sure what you mean. Are you saying that we should NOT be idealist? that we should NOT hold goals, dreams, desires? I know perfectly well the state of reality, and know perfectly well how mostly irrational and stupid some or my fellow humans are, but that does not mean I stop looking to be a better person, to look for good people, to expect better, tell me, oh wise one, should I give up?

Comment Re:As Wallace Matson said: (Score 1) 1007

I happen to think that we can know the truth about some things easier than we can about others. You can't have a "round" square for instance, or there is a huge planet orbiting our sun at roughly 4.9 AU. I live with the notion that for the most part my senses don't lie to me, and they show reality as is... and where they do (as in extreme situations of relativity or quantum dynamics) I can build instruments that are better than me at seeing reality, but which my brain is capable of understanding. Reality is real. I am an atheist, and my ex is not, my kids will make up their own mind regardless of what I say, but I take opportunities to express my point of view (with as much respect as I can muster, and sometimes it's really tough, as when she expresses creationist views!). I cannot let superstition win by default. I also encourage them to think for themselves, so far it's worked, and they can tell BS when they see it or hear it.

Comment Grasshopper Salsa (Score 1) 626

I have in my fridge a container of grasshopper salsa that is The Yum. From Diane Kennedy's Oaxaca book. It's not the only insect recipe there either. Ant grubs (Escamoles in Mexico) are delicious (to those that can afford them!)... and don't get me started on how good agave worm tacos (Gusanos de Maguey) are!

Comment Re:Paleo diet (Score 2) 130

OK... My bad, you guys are right, this guy was neolithic, not paleolithic, I'm sorry. Yup, you heard it right, someone on the internet admitting they were wrong, and apologizing for it!

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