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Comment Re:Zoe Quinn is a self-confessed rapist (Score 1) 1134

"Views on the ethics of infidelity. Which she maintained is inherently wrong even if the person who was cheated on never finds out, because (aside from willfully endangering their partner by way of increased STD risk) if the unfaithful party then has sex with their partner, they are doing so under false pretenses, and therefore without their partner’s consent. That is, sex with a partner who doesn’t know you’ve cheated on them is sex without consent."


Comment Zoe Quinn is a self-confessed rapist (Score 1, Troll) 1134

Having agreed with her boyfriend that part of informed consent requires sexual fidelity, she proceeded to sleep around. When she subsequently fucked her boyfriend it was therefore without his informed consent, and thus -- by modern SJW standards -- rape.

Zoe Quinn is a rapist. There is no way around this.

Comment More power to the USB ports? (Score 1) 202

The addition of 2 extra USB ports is useless, unless they have changed the polyfuse set up to allow more power to be delivered to the ports. As things currently stand with the original model B, attaching anything more than a low-power keyboard to the Pi requires a powered hub -- the Pi itself can't deliver the required juice. It would be great if this restriction were lifted.

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