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Comment business != MBA (Score 0) 167

The model we have works fairly well for us. When we develop a product is either our product, or a product that somebody asked us to develop. If we find it worth it, we'll develop it charging money, and we'll keep a percentage of the company/product as well. We are learning business as we go and from a disparity of sources. But the bottom line is that good products have a marketing of their own as word of mouth is the best seller. I have a bias against college MBAs, you could just read the books and use your business as the field to apply.

Comment Lie? (Score 1) 472

Why not lie about a degree? Seems that everybody and their mama lies about everything, including the President and the Congress. If your are better than a degree holder, then you should have no remorse and think of it as a favor to the HR person that will grant your interview.

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