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Comment Re:mozilla + rust = servo (Score 1) 465

For me the main use of UnMHT is not to save MHT files, but to read them. On my work desktop, using Microsoft Outlook to read mail, you can use Firefox with UnMHT as a workaround for Outlook's horribly slow HTML renderer. Outlook shows 'click here to display this message in a web browser'; by installing UnMHT you can associate Firefox with .mht files so this action opens the message in Firefox. Otherwise you're stuck with Internet Explorer or possibly Microsoft Edge. (There is a trick you can use in your HTML messages to make sure Outlook always shows that prompt to display in a browser. So at work, when generating HTML to spam out, I always include that. Then messages which render too slowly in Outlook, because of large tables for example, can be viewed in Firefox with a right-click.)

Comment Re: About time! (Score 1) 178

Back in the eighties "16-bit" was a big deal for marketing, and then "32-bit" after that (Windows 95). After all it's a bigger number so it must be better. I think it's more that to the average desktop user there is no immediately apparent difference in speed or capability between a 32-bit and a 64-bit computer.

Comment Re:Give up, Linux losers (Score 1) 85

Yes, Windows 10 (and this has changed a little bit with the latest version of Windows 10) tends to let older programs think they are running on a low-res screen and then scale up the resulting bitmap. This works OK, if a bit blocky, for a 2x scaling factor, but will probably be terrible for non-integer scaling. Sometimes the older program actually works fine with scaled text, if only Windows would let it. (Different font sizes and scalings have been there since Windows 3.0 at least, so all programs *ought* to support it, but of course many of them never tested it and are buggy.) You can right-click on the executable and set the scaling mode to 'application does the scaling' and that often fixes it.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 85

I've found Fedora a bit unstable on a 4k display. It looks good enough if you set the 2x scaling (although Libreoffice requires some additional mucking around with X server dpi settings, and I think Firefox needs its own config tweak too). However, with Noveau drivers and an NVS 510 card, the machine would hang after a while, particularly when using Firefox. In the end I had to go back to 1920x1080 resolution to make the system stable. That's just one anecdote, but it shows there is some work to be done.
GNU is Not Unix

Richard Stallman Interviewed By Bryan Lunduke ( 172

Many Slashdot readers know Bryan Lunduke as the creator of the humorous "Linux Sucks" presentations at the annual Southern California Linux Exposition. He's now also a member of the OpenSUSE project board and an all-around open source guy. (In September, he released every one of his books, videos and comics under a Creative Commons license, while his Patreon page offers a tip jar and premiums for monthly patrons). But now he's also got a new "daily computing/nerd show" on YouTube, and last week -- using nothing but free software -- he interviewed the 64-year-old founder of the Free Software Foundation, Richard Stallman. "We talk about everything from the W3C's stance on DRM to opinions on the movie Galaxy Quest," Lunduke explains in the show's notes.

Click through to read some of the highlights.

Comment Re:Why the Spectrum? (Score 1) 42

I believe that the Spectrum hardware was very similar to the ZX81, with the (rather horrible) colour support and more RAM the only big differences. I say this because, decades later, someone managed to port the Spectrum ROM image to the ZX81, giving compatibility with at least some Spectrum software:

Comment XML external entities (Score 1) 18

I think it's a flaw in some XML or XSLT libraries that DTD expansion and external entity resolution is either on by default, or in some cases, cannot be turned off. It also opens up attack vectors for XML injection using xsl:include, where if an attacker can provide the XSLT he can also read arbitrary file contents. It would make more sense for the default XML mode to not allow fetching any external content, and you have to set a 'trusted' flag in the API to turn on the magic.

Comment Re: Not "continuously" in the geek sense of the wo (Score 2) 137

"an old microchannel PC" - so relatively fancy in fact. The quality and reliability of IBM's Micro Channel machines (and their small number of licensees) was a notch or two above the typical AT clones of the time. In particular they were designed with some attention to airflow and cooling, rather than just a box with a fan in it, so would be more likely to survive a dust-covered existence.

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