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Comment Re: Flagrant Flatulism Posing as Reporting (Score 1) 449

On the contrary, I would think if eventually all vehicles become autonomous and coordinated via a centralised network, traffic would flow much more smoother. If there are hazards or obstructions on the road, this information would be relayed to the central controller and all vehicles would be re-routed to minimise impact to traffic flow. With such a system, the flow direction of a lane cold even be changed at short notice as required, greatly optimising the usage of roads leading to improved traffic flow. Also, since computers have much faster response time compared to humans, and because there're no idiots at the wheel, the speed limit could also be increased significantly.

Comment Re:Related question re: Women's Chess (Score 5, Informative) 284

They don't have separate men's and women's. The main FIDE rating list includes both men and women players. The thing is, there are just not that many highly rated women players. To put it into perspective, the current FIDE top 100 list contains only one woman - Judit Polgar, no. 58. So they created another list for women to make the game more competitive for women and increase women's participation. There are chess tournaments exclusively for women, but there are no tournaments exclusively for men. Women are free to enter the open tournaments.

As to why there are so many more good men chess players compared to women? I don't know.

Comment Re:Yup, I'm one of those parents... (Score 1) 198

You must have missed one of Ethanol-fueled's post where he alleged that his Slashdot account with the nickname Ethanol-fueled was banned due to some rule infraction or something. So now he posts as AC and signs his nickname, Ethanol-fueled at the bottom of the post instead of bothering to create a new account.

Comment Re:How about (Score 0) 528

This is not about blame. It's about everyone taking responsibility to keep their own individual self safe from harm.
- If you know there's a lion in the jungle, don't go in without protection. If you do and get mauled, don't blame the lion.
- If you're allergic to peanuts, don't eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. If you do anyway, don't blame the person who offered you the sandwich.
- Likewise, if you let someone take naked pictures of yourself, don't blame the other person for what they would do with the pictures when you could have prevented them from taking the pictures in the first place.

Comment Re:no thanks (Score 2) 130

Google Play Store is just another Android app. The only reason that some Android phones don't have it is because the manufacturers choose not to put it on them, but Play Store is able to run on any phone running Android. Is there any technical reason why you can't install Google Play Store on Sailfish OS?

Comment Re:No shocker there (Score 1) 440

Tell me... what's 6 x 6? Now don't tell me you don't have that memorized and worked it out in your head.

Up until the equivalent of your fifth grade, I never bothered to memorize the multiplication table. Any time faced with a multiplication problem, I worked it out using first principles. Sometimes I use analytical shortcuts to derive the answer, but never from rote memorization. For example in the case of 6 x 6, this was how I used to work it out:
1) First, realize that [a number] x 6 is [a number] x (5 + 1) = [a number] x 5 + [a number]
2) Also realize that [a number] x 5 is [a number] x (10/2) = [a number / 2] x 10
3) Now visualize 6 apples lined up in a row. Now visualize a line running through the middle of that row of apples. How many apples are on each side? 3, of course
4) Now take the number 3 and put 0 at the end of it. Now you have 30, which is 6 x 5.
5) Now take 30 + 6 and you have 36, which is the answer to 6 x 6.
Now isn't that more fun than memorizing the multiplication table?

Comment Re:Issues (Score 1) 182

There are three Android devices in my house. My Samsung Galaxy S2, my wife's Sony Xperia and a Galaxy Tab 2. Everyone of those had the Android Device Manager function installed automatically. I could immediately use the Locate Phone function without having to perform any manual installation/update. Only the Wipe Device function requires manual configuration on the phone.

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