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Comment Re: 8 out of 10 (Score 1) 20

she has made public request for a special northern economic zone with lower taxes.
where a lot of her mines do or will operate.
given the complaints by companies about the difficulty of getting labour kack if infrastructure and high cost of everything why does it need supercharging?

Comment Re:8 out of 10 (Score 1) 20

But she love tax breaks for corporations.
I think it might be kind of funny if the Chinese try and muscle her operations and our Defence organisations are called on to back her and there is no money in the kitty for it.

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Journal Journal: Quiz for you all - who said it 20

Courtesy of the Guardian - Ayn Rand or Gina Rinehart
10 questions one page
I got 5/10 but I didn't try hard

If you don't know about Gina - here is a sample

Comment Please send that lawyer to Queensland (Score 1) 2

See Queensland Vicious Lawlessness Association Disestablishment bill and the associated goodies.
Already been abused.
The justiciary is not impressed

Also the special G20 legislation is a world beater.

anonymous (australia) has already taken notice and is definitely looking lulz

Submission + - Are Solar Flares Still Stuck in the Seventies? (

An anonymous reader writes: MARYLAND — USA — NASA's Solar & Heliospheric Observatory, SOHO has come with an interesting theory regarding the solar flares that have been recently emanating from the sun.

Submission + - MIT Students Release Code To 3D-Print High Security Keys (

Sparrowvsrevolution writes: At the Def Con hacker conference Saturday, MIT students David Lawrence and Eric Van Albert released a piece of code that will allow anyone to create a 3D-printable software model of any Schlage Primus key, despite Schlage’s attempts to prevent the duplication of the restricted keys. With just a flatbed scanner and their software tool, they were able to produce precise models of Primus keys that they uploaded to the 3D-printing services Shapeways and i.Materialise, who mailed them working copies of the keys in materials ranging from nylon to titanium. Primus high-security locks are used in government facilities, healthcare settings, and detention centers, and their keys are coded with two distinct sets of teeth, one on top and one on the side. That, along with a message that reads "do not duplicate" printed on the top of every key, has made them difficult to copy by normal means. With Lawrence and Van Albert's software, anyone can now scan or take a long-distance photo of any Primus key and recreate it for as little as $5.
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Journal Journal: News that matters 2

With latest Debian sid 3.9 kernel, tv card works if I manually modprobe cx88-dvb.

I will be offline for a considerable period possibly weeks soon while I get temporarily and until I have stuff sorted out. Internet will be way down the list of stuff.

Move is because I am waiting on a formal offer of employment in a faraway city by myself for crap pay. But it is employment..

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Journal Journal: Arise, Sir Baldrick
"As Baldrick once said: “It’s all right, Blackadder, you don’t have to curtsy or anything.” Tony Robinson, the diminutive actor, presenter and political activist who rose to fame in the 1980s as the put-upon manservant in the Blackadder series, is now Sir Tony."

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