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Comment Re:disable flash! (Score 1) 42

On Win8, Chrome and IE have Flash built-in. Flash updates have become an issue only on Firefox, and even there you can make Flash "ask to activate," and Mozilla central blocks outdated versions. On Win7 you still have to update Flash for IE as well as Firefox.

I guess everyone using a browser knows this, but hasn't deemed it worthwhile to respond to these comments apparently from some archived library of ranting. Or you're on Linux or Apple! I don't know how it works there.

Comment Yahoo Small Business (Score 1) 222

I'm guessing Yahoo Small Business is how they'd like to make money, but it's a bit of a legacy monster. Certainly very hard to get a customer out of and onto a different platform. Comcast Small Biz is similar confusing mess of intersecting control panels (maybe the same software?). A few other companies run the same game, getting business clients locked in complex setups, but I'm not sure it's even intentional with these players on the bottom end of the business hosting market.

On a similar note I called Network Solutions today to get a better domain renewal price, and the customer rep told me domain reg was no longer its main business and we should consider switching to another company if we did not want any other services. It's now Network Solutions,a "web-dot-com" company. They do still offer a $10 panic price though if you click for your transfer authorization code.

Comment Re:Ebola vs HIV (Score 1) 381

As well, millions (literally I'm afraid) of Americans are terrified by hospitals because just going there will almost certainly result in involuntary bankruptcy. The CDC and political leaders are saying nothing about who pays if you follow public health guidelines and go for treatment or observation. They seem unaware of how people make these decisions, and even well-versed journalists have no idea how hospitals respond when patients cannot pay. For example, in Bloomberg quotes a JHU professor saying "If they recognize that [Thomas Eric Duncan] has no money they will clearly just write it off as charity care." That is simply not true. Non-profit hospitals are by far the #1 parties putting people into involuntary bankruptcy.

The care for Thomas Eric Duncan, "patient zero" in Texas, in estimated in the same article as over $500,000 even before he died. Presumably, due to the publicity, that bill was never sent. But who knows.

Comment Re:Attention Kmart shoppers (Score 2) 243

Mod up!

Solar cells are also diodes, they just work in reverse from LED's. Applying light creates a current, as opposed to a current creating light. All based on getting an electron state to jump from a semiconductor to another semiconductor that differs by one valence. The semiconductors in solar cells are two big discs, one on top of the other. (Experts please correct any of the preceding.)

Just like K-mart and Sears.

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