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Comment drudge (Score 1) 107

That's probably why I've used drudgereport.com for about the last decade as one of my first sources of daily news. This is despite thinking he and brietbart are a bunch of dirt bags. The site almost always something interesting to read between the slant.

Comment Re:So depressing (Score 1) 127

Right on. For the GPP to make such a condemnation of the guy so completely out of context is total bullshit. For all we can know those kids will be better off having such a good first-hand demonstration of that kind of dedication and aspiration. Even if it's just a video. They could apply the lessons to whatever ends up peeking their interest.

Comment Game Development or Computer Game Programming? (Score 3, Insightful) 172

It sounds like you want to teach computer game programming to me. If you really want to just teach game development maybe you should develop a pen & paper game. They can write the rule book. Otherwise you're teaching two things and maybe nobody will learn much of either.

Comment Re:In up to my pits.. (Score 1) 191

I can't even name another registrar off the top of my head I've been using godaddy so long. Their hosting is shit, no doubt about that, I made that mistake more than once, but I never had a problem with my domains. I wonder if this could spark a run? I had a momentary urge to move all my domains out of godaddy when I read this headline. I just wouldn't know where to go.

Comment The education textbook industry needs to die (Score 1) 439

The textbook for my engineering analysis class was a brown envelope with nothing but a lottery ticket style scratch off license key inside. The key grants you access to the publisher's website. No refunds and no buy back when the class is over. The price was still over $100. It's the most disgusting thing I've come across since returning to school. I'm required to have a license from this publisher in order to turn in my work. This is at a fairly old public university too, not some online degree business where i might expect to take up the rear. In contrast, my chemistry text, bundled with a ton of other material, was $4. It was written by the department open course ware style and is far better than the former mentioned math text. These publishers really need to go to hell, and more universities need to get their shit together and provide their own materials.

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