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Submission + - Most Ancient, 'Impossible' Alien Worlds Discovered ( 1

astroengine writes: "Two exoplanets have been discovered by scientists at the Max-Planck Institute for Astronomy orbiting the star HIP 11952. But according to conventional thinking, these worlds shouldn't exist. You see, HIP 11952 is a "metal-poor" star and planetary formation is hindered around stars with low metallicity. This isn't the only thing; as metal-poor stars were the first stars to form when the Universe was very young, these two worlds also formed around the same time. They are therefore the most ancient exoplanets discovered to date having lived through 13 billion years of cosmic evolution."

Comment So how many "installs" have you done? (Score 1) 1091

I'm not being contrary, I really am curious. I have installed Linux on over 1500 machines in the span of 5 years and since the .27 kernel, wifi, sound and printers just work (TM) OOTB. At least the majority of the time. There are the occasional hiccups sure but I've had way more trouble getting some drivers to work in Windows than Linux. When you are dealing with a computing public that can't differentiate between "download" and "install", or those who cannot understand the concept of a browser, then you are never going to get them to consider another operating system. It takes me about 5 minutes of conversation to decide if I am going to introduce someone to Linux. Sadly, about 70 percent of the time, I decide as a paid tech, to keep taking their money as a Windows User. It makes my life easier and after all, I have a kid to put through college.

Comment Re:Lamar Smith still needs to lose his job over th (Score 1) 495

I'm from Austin and the few friends I do have that are politically aware are in step with you. Unfortunately, the stereotypical Austin Slacker and Austin Hipster only became stereotypes because of their abundance. About 11-18 percent of this city votes on local issues and that's only if the word "bike lanes" is included in the legislation. You can almost double those numbets for national elections. Apathy is rampant here and the only political discussions you hear is on Jeff Ward's talk show or in the coffee houses. Most everyone else is too enthralled with being weird.

Now bring medicinal pot up for a vote and they'll damn near knock the polling doors off. Other than that, most are still dream-shopping for their BMW or squatting on open wireless connections at Starbucks.

Comment Time to sprout some balls.... (Score 1) 409

I am an American and I am saying this. The people of Britain should take to the streets over this issue en mass. He was obviously wrong but British law should take precedent here. America has no right plucking him from his home soil and exposing him to the abuse that is the American Capital Punishment System.

If you have the capital, you don't get punished.

Comment Sayeth the DPS Officer in the movie.... (Score 1) 938

Driving is a privelege, not a right.
That's just parroting every bad "Death on the Highway" film clip many of us had to endure in drivers education as kids. Anyone who has served in the military, and placed their life on the line will tell someone spouting that rhetoric to kiss their ass. It is neither one...and the states have brainwashed the "good people" within to mimic these silly words.

Comment Empirical data is pretty strong.... (Score 1) 938

I drove a truck across the United States for 3 years. I would guess that 70 percent of the cars holding traffic up, or driving at 50 MPH in a 65 MPH zone were talking on the phone. I had a birds eye view so it wasn't hard to pick them out. Trouble is, most of them had no idea they were driving too slowly and presenting a hazard to those around them. So citation? No...just an observation from someone who has missed complete exits because they were talking on the phone. Now texting while driving? That's just stupid.

Comment 1999 is calling.... (Score 1) 980

requiring 20 manual edits to conf files and 3 commands with 15 switches, all just to install something is not exactly what I'd call "good user interface design" either. Your portal to 2011 will open in 12 minutes, please remove any head gear, make sure all shirt tails are tucked in and you have no foreign objects protruding from your pockets.

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