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Comment Re:Best book on the subject (Score 1) 109

If you read this book cover-to-cover (well, except for the hefty reference pages), you will be a JavaScript expert.

I read a previous edition of this book cover-to-cover a few years ago and came out knowing almost nothing about Javascript. The problem was that I went in knowing absolutely nothing about Javascript.

The Rhino book is a reference, not a guide/tutorial. It's not there to guide you through writing your first Javascript script. Learn the basics of the language from another source, then read the Rhino book to get a more complete understanding. Otherwise you'll just be wasting your time.

Comment Re:spolier:The sonic screwdriver seems to be gone (Score 1) 332

Watch the episode again. There were a few scenes after the copy bit it, one of which took place in the TARDIS and featured the Doctor using the screwdriver again.

I won't describe exactly what happened as it constitutes a pretty major spoiler, but it was a very important scene and the screwdriver played a key role.

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