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Comment Re:Typical (Score 2) 46

What annoys me is the way they handle extras. For example, I'm currently on an iTunes Pass for The Librarians season 4. For those unfamiliar with the terminology, that means I get a new episode after it has been broadcast, so one a week.

I've just watched episode 5. According to iTunes though, it was episode 11. That because it gives all the extras and vlog stuff its own episode number, and puts them mid-series too. Means episode 1 shows up as episode 1 the actually programme, then episode 2 is the directors stuff for episode 1. When the real episode 2 turns up, it now gets called episode 3 and the director commentary for it becomes episode 4. And so on, and so on.

Sane might be having episode 1, then directors commentary for that on episode 101, then episode 2 and director stuff on episode 102. Best would be some non episode number way of grouping them - e.g. Episode 1 then 1.1, 1.2 etc. for each extra associated with it. Make it possible to hide those too because to be honestI rarely watch them. It's just annoying to have the real episode numbers screwed up by these things being stuck in the middle.

Comment Re:Not just automation (Score 1) 381

I am sorry to hear about your friend, but he needs to realize that progress is inevitable. Once they created a chess playing AI, we should have realized that it was only a matter of time before Go AI and poker AIs were created. And then of course AI will be created to replace doctors, lawyers and people who clean bathrooms and stuff. And yes: ATM and vending machines are a form of AI. How else would they work?

Comment Re:1.4 Way Low (Score 1) 381

That is what I am thinking too. Once they have voice input on the kiosks there will be no reason to have people at McDonalds. And Amazon will be delivering packages via automated trucks and drones soon too. They just have to figure out how to get the package up the steps to the house, but once they do they will be ready to get rid of delivery drivers!

Comment Re:Translation: We can't guarantee Hillary will wi (Score 1) 205

No, this shit started with the entire media (both wings, Fox, MSNBC, et al) working together to smear, minimize, and discredit all non-Trump candidates in the GOP primary.

I assume you're talking about Fox, because I saw no attempts to discredit Bush, Rubio, or even Cruz during the primaries, and Fox was the only one I avoided. In fact, most candidates were pumped up as that guy that will finally beat Trump only to... uh, not beat trump.

One or two got bad press, but, for example, in Carson's case, the bad press was a combination of him doing comical things like staying in the wings after he'd been called to a debate, and writing a book about his past knifing people.

Outside of the news, Bush I recall being portrayed as a punching bag by Trump on SNL, but the others were for the most part not treated any worse than, say, Clinton... although Clinton's coverage was pretty negative.

On that note, did you see the NYT's coverage of Clinton? They leapt on pretty much every ludicrous allegation made about Clinton, no matter how ridiculous.

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