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Comment That Futurama episode "Baywatch" movie... (Score 1) 316

If anybody remembers, there was a Futurama episode ("A Fishful of Dollars") that mentioned Baywatch: Pamela Anderson is surprised to hear Fry hadn't heard of Baywatch: The Movie, her follow up comment included "the first movie shot entirely in slow motion" and "so he doesn't know I won the Oscar?".

I think I'd like to see that version of a Baywatch movie: entirely in slow motion and award winning. Couldn't be any worse than what we got.

Comment Mini review (Score 1) 49

I happen to have pre-ordered it so I got it day 1. Outside of popular youtube channels I'm probably one of the first ones to even have this game never mind play it.

I should mention I didn't realize until recently this was the Switch version of a Wii U game. So I don't know what's new the Switch and what was already there. And also the last console mario kart I played win "Mario Kart Wii". I don't know how many there have been since then.

There are the different CC kart classes as always and the different cups as always. I think there's 48 Grand Prix courses and I didn't try to count the number of characters to choose from (across at least three different weight classes). Also a ton of different vehicles a number of types.

One of the main things I found annoying about Mario Kart Wii was being by far in first place (while playing solo) and getting hit but a blue shell then multiple red shells, thus going from 1st to 8th place about 3 feet from the finish line. That just seems like broken AI to me. I haven't experienced that in this one.

I'm knowledgeable enough I know what the popular consensus is with the different cc classes. I know 50cc is entirely too easy and I get beat every track by half the track. And the 200cc is super-crazy-fast-tough (again, as a single player thing). But as with a lot of games now the single player is really just practice for multiplayer. At least that's the vibe I'm starting to sense.

Overall I would say it's very good game well worth the money but it seems very clear it is really intended as a party game.

Comment In my case, (Score 1) 47

I reserved BotW a few weeks before launch but never got a reservation on the Switch. Then the night of March 2nd I found a bundle-only console for sale online that included BotW. So naturally I opened one copy to play and I have a "sealed in box" copy to keep (neither are "special" or "limited" in any way). I probably should have just returned the extra back to amazon but didn't for no particular reason.

Not sure if that explains the greater than 1:1 attach rate but it could be part of it.

Comment card? (Score 5, Insightful) 35

Based only on this description it sounds a lot like a new featured added to the existing gift card functionality already available. So it's not "amazon cash" it's "amazon adds bar code to gift cards". So effectively this is "native content" or maybe just really poorly written. Not sure which.

Comment Re: Working roms... (Score 1) 47

Search github for "ia-mame". It's a CLI utility that downloads ROMs directly from internet archive. It will grab dependencies like bios files too, auto-magic. I've been writing scripts to get entire console sets at a time (Nes/SNES/Sega CD...). Still have to filter out regions/prototypes/etc you don't want if course, but it's better than a 45 gig zip file. Haven't tried an arcade game with chd dependencies yet but no reason it wouldn't work. I'm not involved with ia-mame at all, just a big fan.

Comment Re:the stimulus! (Score 1) 435

Not sure what getting rid of all those CRT TVs would have accomplished. There's a whole community around finding the best CRT TVs for old retro game consoles (they look best on CRTs having been designed for them and functions like light guns won't work with flat panels). There's also an albeit shrinking MAME cabinet community who insists upon CRT for authenticity. Cash-for-CRT-TV-clunkers would have been a disaster for these communities.

Comment Re:America hates Hillary Clinton (Score 1) 1069

I so look forward to the day if the National Popular Vote legislation gets enacted... of a Republican winning the popular vote and all those Democrats having to vote for the Republican....

Before the Republicans went absolutely insane, "Blue" states voted for Republican presidential candidates plenty of times.

The Republicans are the ones desperately trying to hang-on to power. They're the ones passing all those voter ID laws, which courts keep striking down. They're the former home of Jim Crow laws. They're the ones gerrymandering voting districts, which is the only reason the GOP is able to keep their House numbers up, even though the population is mostly Republican. It's a Republican governor and senate in North Carolina stripping the powers of the incoming Democratic governor. Lets be clear which party the facts show are desperately trying to corrupt the democratic process to hang on to power...

It would appear you don't live in California if you think it's Republicans doing the gerrymandering. I don't think gerrymandering is right by any group under any circumstances. But since California won't be changing any time soon I can't exactly blame Republicans for doing the same. Districts of California have the worst representation ratio of any state in the country. It doesn't get any publicity but there are a lot of people who would rather not be apart of the state. California is a complete "banana republic" and has been for a very long time. And don't point the insanity finger any anybody else if you share a party with Uncle Jerry. That guy is bat-shit-insane.

Not sure what the issue is with voter ID laws. If you have to show ID and sign 17 pages of forms to get a library card why is it so much to ask for a simple "are you who you say you are" when you vote? You're right though. That's completely unreasonable.

Also, it was Democrats with the Jim Crow laws.

Comment Re:Great! (Score 1) 102

I didn't see it mentioned in the linked article (on thurrott) nor have I seen it brought up in this thread but...

Windows (Pro/Enterprise) has native Hyper-V and docker container support. Largely speculating here but it seems like containers would be a solution to the driver conflict issue e.g. this game can have directx11 and .net 3.5 (and optimized nvidia drive version x) while that game has directx 12 and VC runtime whatever (driver version y). And the two will be isolate/not interfere with one another. And if it worked at all well it would be easy advertising for this as an enterprise or commercial solution (for the more full featured/highly expensive version...with a support contract).

Again, largely speculating here.

Comment Re:Streaming is shit. (Score 1) 80

Just to play devil's advocate here: there was a relatively minor storm (minor for outside of california, somewhat signifcant for where I live) which caused the satellite service to lose signal or be horribly garbled. If I could have the same channels even without time shifting at least I could watch TV when there's a slight breeze/rain outside.
Not sure it'd be worth it though, just saying maybe there is fact one use for it.

Comment Re:ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, ooooh my :) (Score 1) 403

The replies I've so far seem pretty hostile to the whole premise of the bash/linux sub-system on windows so I feel some how obliged to mention up front I kind of go both ways. Linux and Windows both seem to have their positives and negatives and I switch between them as needed. You might say I'm "chaotic neutral" on the matter. That's a thing right? Chaotic neutral?

With that out of the way, I would just like to point out you can still use JavaScript for windows scripting. I mean it's technically JScript and grossly out of date but it is there with full access to both Windows Script Host objects and the full WMI suite. There's also VBScript, but who likes that? Except even in "Hyper-V server 2016" (the free-as-in-beer non-GUI server edition) the little choose-an-option menu that comes up is written in VBScript. Why it wasn't powershell I'll never know.

Actually even on Windows 7 or 10 if you search your C: drive for "*.vbs" there are some scripts left over. One of them is actually written a as if it was supposed to be in C but was then converted to VBS. Or C programmer learned VBS in an hour and wrote it in the same format.

Also, people are too hard and CMD batch files. There are a lot of extensions for CMD shell that make it quite powerful. I mean it has so much layered on top of so much else it's really not "elegant" or anything but you can do a lot with it.
For instance, here's a line from a script I wrote a while ago:

if exist "gameinfo\%GAMENAME%_%CONSOLE%.txt" (for /f "usebackq tokens=3 delims= " %%z in (`type gameinfo\%GAMENAME%_%CONSOLE%.txt ^| find /i "current profile"`) do set DISCTYPE=%%z) else (echo could not find text file)

Would anybody assume this could all be done in one line? I mean I find it perfectly readable. It doesn't seem as cool as a bash one-liner but it works. My only point being inefficient though they are there are some solutions on the Windows side, quite capable solutions.

Also feel free to "fork me on github". I would link to it the github project but i have a feeling nobody is going to fork me...

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