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Comment Nostalgic Terminology (Score 2, Interesting) 131

Interesting idea. Thirty years ago many people were introduced to programming by printed (ink on mashed up trees) anthologies of programs that were generally around a page long (8.5 x 11). Don't know how pervasive the term was, but in my personal circles these programs were called "K-Byters" because they were ~1 K long (or less).

Comment Re:KISS (Score 1) 103

Breaking key-based encryption used to be considered hard to do. Bring more horsepower to bear, ie. a GPU, and today's Hard To Do turns into a Proof of Concept and eventually becomes tomorrow's Commonplace.

Comment Not a matter of overkill but "nay" answer anyway (Score 1) 440

I wouldn't build a castle and put the moat inside the castle wall either. Why manage 2 layers when one done right (external to the PC) is sufficient and the other one, even managed correctly could be doing effectively nothing - if there are OS vulnerabilities as we know some commonly deployed OSes exhibit.

Comment Re:It is glass, however. (Score 1) 352

Hey, physics geeks! "Sheet of glass" is not an appropriate unit of measurement to use in a conversation about the forces exerted & effects on an object when dropped, especially when, as already mentioned the material(s) are unspecified. Never mind of course that its marketing speak about a hypothetical object in the distant future (distant in the context of the applicable industry).

Isn't that Physics 101; using and being clear on units of measurement and the standards on which they're based?

Comment Imap Vote (Cyrus) (Score 1) 385

I've been a Cyrus IMAP admin for over a decade and have experienced no problems with user email boxes in the 6 Gb - 8 Gb range or single imap boxes with > 1E+06 messages. Performance of large batch message operations is also satisfactory (ie. import, export). It's also very useful to have server side message tagging support (ie. like gmail). I've heard other similar reports regarding FOSS imap servers such as Dovecot & UW and there seems to be at least some consensus that they are easier to manage than Cyrus but I have no direct experience regarding the relative ease of administration. Running your own local Zimbra might be a nice starting point as well- gives you a bunch of personal productivity functionality in a single groupware app. I'm running my own Zimbra instance on a RackCloud server for $90/year (all-in) for exactly this purpose.

Comment Re:FreeNAS (Score 1) 516

Should have added more specifics on the hardware. I used a QC Phenom MB w/4GB RAM. Because the on-board NIC was garbage I threw a server grade Intel NIC in as well. The entire box, not counting HD's was done for $800 and can handle streaming multiple standard DVD resolutions fine and will stream at least one HD file (Blue Ray quality) without issue.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 231

While the parent poster didn't mention games, a lot of the recent award winning games that truly do innovate (vice this year's fresh paint on leading Windows titles) are cross-platform. And of course Firefox, Filezilla, Thunderbird, Google & Open Office have all been complete flops- they'll never draw a crowd. MS is losing 10% browser share a year. It won't be long now.

Speaking as a developer I could never go back to MS-Land. I've grown fond of a desktop that responds when I click instead of searing the Windows hourglass into my retina.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 231

Yes that's right: "Those bastards." Though I believe you're being sarcastic, your bullet points make it easy to clearly explain that while what MS does is not uncommon, it does make them bastards. All of your bullet points are examples of value added for consumers. The propaganda they spread regarding their stance toward Open Source (which are just words not action and frequently a position they reverse on) is an example of them using deceit to positively influence the market's perception of MS (presumably to gain market share) which at the end of the day probably takes value away from consumers. I for one prefer honesty in my vendors.

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