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Comment Strongly discouraged... (Score 1) 269

I strongly discourage any friends or family that I notice are using local ISP email accounts from doing it. I wouldn't trust it to keep the good email. LOL, for a while, our local cable co was spam binning their OWN newsletter. I do a lot of work with an opt-in email newsletter, so I've monitored a test email box with the cable company for years - it's bad, bad, bad. Coincidentally, they've recently changed something, and now a lot of spam emails don't even hit the junk folder, they simply vanish.

Comment Re:Pinto (Score 1) 247

So... you're against trucks running late yellows and reds while leaning on their horns? Yeah. I drive a car on one of the major truck routes in our city... it freaks me out how often trucks run the lights... and I keep an eye on the rear view mirror every time I'm the first car to stop at a light.

Comment Re:IMHO... someday they'll have a 100mi range mode (Score 1) 133

But, my point is that a 100mi range car, that I can temporarily upgrade to 2-300mi range, is a FAR better value than a 100mi range car that has no such option (if they're about the same price). In fact, I wouldn't even consider a strictly short range vehicle over a gas car, if I only had the budget for 1 car. In addition, Tesla will probably continue to have the best charging network for these vehicles. I'm not saying that all Gen3 would be medium range, I think they've stated 200mi range for the launch edition, I'm just saying, that I wouldn't be surprised if an even cheaper Gen3 option with a smaller battery became available in the future. Who knows, maybe a few generations of batteries later, and the battery swap will be able to give a Model S a temporary 400mi range (with a taller battery, maybe).

Comment IMHO... someday they'll have a 100mi range model.. (Score 1) 133

I actually did read the article which seemed to think this was all a ploy to get additional green credits. While I'm sure this is a factor, here's my theory. Some day they'll want to release a cheaper model (which isn't even a secret) but with a lower battery capacity, say 100mi. More than enough for most people on their daily commutes. But, give the option for a battery swap to the 2-300 mile battery for the big trips. They get to trim a few K off the cost of their most entry level edition, and the buyer can still use their car for a big roadtrip, they just have to rent the big battery for the cost of a tank of gas!

Comment A buyout is unlikely... halfsies on battery plant? (Score 1) 99

Nice rumour mongering on this one. I'll suggest it's battery related. It's no secret that Tesla is planning the worlds largest LiON cell plant. They're planning on being the largest user of LiON cells on the planet... I'm guessing that Apple is right up there too. Tesla will need partners... some with cash, some with tech. Apple fits the cash bill...

Comment Re:"Download Now" ads... (Score 1) 197

Unfortunately, it's not that easy to remove "all" of those annoying, misleading, "download now" ads. My website shows ads through Google AdSense (i.e. the biggest ad network out there) and despite my going through every week or two to ban entire misleading advertiser accounts, there are always new "Download" ads waiting in the queue from new accounts. I've literally blocked hundreds of accounts by now - 5 or 10 every week for a year or two.

I feel bad for my random users that get caught by the adware (or worse) that is available on these sites; but, there's not much I can do about it.

I think it's time Google did some work on this - there must be hundreds of AdSense users like myself blocking off advertisers, they should be using their magic to disable accounts entirely from their system after a few people flag bad ads...

Comment Re:So make the power reliable... (Score 1) 293

Ditto to this. I work with some smaller retail stores... I used to recommend UPS's on the POS computers, but after discovering a model of Belkin entry level UPS's that would cease completely if the battery got too old... we stopped using them. Changing the battery on a scheduled basis is impractical, having remote staff successfully swap a UPS would cause more problems than the UPS's would save (most power outages don't break anything if you have write-back caches disabled).

Comment Sounds like he visited recently... (Score 4, Informative) 547

I read the PDF (shock).

It sounds suspiciously like they just checked the logs to see who had visited Tor related websites and then went and interviewed the handful of people who happened to visit these sites within a few days. Maybe interview those who had exams in the 4 listed buildings at the designated time?

Or, possibly, they just checked who had used Tor in the last few days on their network - can you ID a Tor packet by looking at it?

It doesn't sound like they needed to crack Tor.

Comment ACK. The MS Captchas... (Score 1) 81

This is embarrassing... but also terrible interface design. I once spent 10 minutes trying to solve a Microsoft captcha. It turned out that the page was designed such that pressing "enter" to finish the captcha actually triggered some other form option. I tried multiple browsers. And finally... decided to try clicking the submit button with the mouse.

I wasn't too impressed.

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