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Comment Re:Yeesh (Score 1) 584

Yes both "PC loser" and "SJW" are ad hominem but they're insults not arguments. An ad hominem attack is a response to a person based on them rather than the content of their argument. This was not a response to his argument, please note he's the one that started throwing insults around.

Your claim of "Tu Quoque" is also wrong, I objected to him telling everybody who disagreed with him not not say anything "ever", but never suggested in my response that he should remain silent.

On a personal note: the "no you are!" defence? Really? I haven't seen heard that since I was six. What a pitiful attempt at rational argument.

Comment Re:Yeesh (Score 2, Insightful) 584

Typical SJW if you disagree with him you're a fathead who doesn't know anything about the subject and should just STFU. The only thing that surprises me about this PC loser is he didn't say "check your privilege". Come on AC, report me for "abusive" posting - trying to silence any dissenting opinion is the modern feminists movements stock in trade.

Comment Re:What about men going to college? (Score 0) 584

Yes, yes, yes, shift those goalposts! We all know we were talking about a modern western society not the "dozens of countries" you bring up. And as for CEOs - ever think that maybe that's because of the choices women make, maybe they choose not to have that sort of career. You're not against women having choices are you . . . sexist pig.

Comment Re:Mod the parent up. (Score 2) 488

A big part of the problem is that any change to the UI inevitably causes a lot of complaining - often times not really justified because it's simply a matter of people getting used to the new.

Unfortunately these "hipsters" (as you call them) extrapolate this to the assumption that *all* complaints about a new UI are unjustified and would go away if users would just take the time to become accustomed to it.

This and (as others have pointed out) the inexplicable compulsion they feel to "tabletize" every UI.

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