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Comment Re:Whenever I read stuff like this (Score 2) 223

It changed it because the 9/11 attacks targets the two pillars of American power: the banks and the government. It scared them shitless that may actual be attacked (oh, wow, apparently they have a much different reaction when it's not other people they're sending to die). At which point they said screw everything in order to give themselves the illusion of their old safety.

Comment Re:They lost their market (Score 1) 203

It's really sad to see people holding out for the same titles that defined the last two generations. There are already great original titles for the Wii U - ZombiU and Wonderful101 immediately come to mind. Plus, for me personally, the backwards compatibility is a godsend for those of us who skipped the original Wii.

A small library of original but great titles. Established franchise entries like DK Tropical Freeze, NSMBU, and Mario Kart 8. A fantastic lineup coming down the pipe. Virtual console to scratch that retro itch. Backwards compatibility to hundreds of Wii titles. If the above isn't enough reason to grab a Wii U, one game isn't going to make a difference. Smash Bros isn't *that* good of a game to sell a system by itself.

Comment Re:There's another treatment that stops most T2 (Score 1) 253

As the parent and others have mentioned, healthy food when cooked right is positively delicious. The real issue is that it does take considerably more planning and preparation time than a pizza that you can just throw in the over for 15 minutes or other preprocessed food that require minimal prep time by the people who are actually eating it.

Comment Re:There is no such thing as "maths" (Score 1) 688

The rest of the world is technically wrong. Mathematics is a singular noun, due to the way -ics is handled by the original latin/greek. On the other hand, -th indicates a singular verb as well, so when you throw that s on the end of it, you're making it (incorrectly) plural.

However, I said it was technically wrong for a reason. Language is dictated by usage, not semantics. It's the reason why the word "ain't" is in the dictionary today. So even though maths may not be technically correct, the widespread usage of the word dictates that it is.

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