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Submission + - Broadcom Bluetooth driver wipes out hard drives (

An anonymous reader writes: It seems that upgrading the popular Widcomm Bluetooth driver on your PC from official sources on the Broadcom website, may delete most of the files from your hard drive. There is a rather ugly growing thread on the Microsoft Windows 7 forum outlining the details, complete with screams of agony and much finger pointing at Broadcom, Microsoft, and the Antivirus firms.

Submission + - Gaming at 18 watts or less on 32mn AMD processors (

mykos writes: AMD's new 32nm Zacate ultra-low voltage Fusion processor, handling both graphics and CPU functions, will be heading to manufacturers at the end of 2010 destined for PCs in 2011. AMD showed off some impressive technical and practical demonstrations including video games and web browser hardware acceleration, showing off some impressive performance numbers in 3D gaming and hardware-accelerated web browsing. It looks like 2011 is shaping up to be a good year for ULV devices.

Sony Releases PS3 Firmware Update To Fight Jailbreaks 336

RyuuzakiTetsuya writes "Destructoid is reporting that the 3.42 firmware has been released for the PlayStation 3, and it has fixed the USB vulnerability that allows the PSJailbreak exploit to work." Sony's brief announcement of the update refers only to "additional security features," though the EU blog post acknowledges that a vulnerability was addressed. confirms that the patch is effective against the various jailbreak tools, and they point out a different tool for bypassing the update. Sony told the BBC, "... as we always have, we will continue to take necessary actions to both hardware and software to protect the intellectual content provided on the PlayStation 3."

Comment Re:Troubling (Score 1) 404

OTOH, his military source violated US laws and was well aware of what s/he was doing and should be prosecuted. Civil disobedience is not without it's risks. If we were in a real war this information leak would have resulted in a date with a firing squad.

Not if you're part of the right wing war machine. Remember Valerie Plame? Releasing the name of an undercover agent during a time of war is treason. Punishable by death. There wasn't even a tap on the shoulder for Dick Cheney.

Comment Re:Use your local ham radio club (Score 4, Informative) 499

It may in fact be a ham that is legally operating in the 2.4GHz band. Hams are licensed users of this spectrum, and have priority. They could be causing the interference (if in fact they are), and if so you just have to live with it, if it can't be resolved. Hams are also protected from interference (by law) from the unlicensed users of the spectrum.

And by the way, end users increasing the power output of a WiFi transmitter is not a good idea. It can cause interference on nearby spectrum, and increased noise levels in the band, which can defeat the purpose of the increase in the first place. This is not something that should be hacked.

Submission + - Organ damage in rats from Monsanto GMO Corn

jenningsthecat writes: A study published in December 2009 in the International Journal of Biological Sciences found that three varieties of Monsanto genetically-modified corn caused damage to the liver, kidneys, and other organs of rats:

One of the corn varieties was designed to tolerate broad-spectrum herbicides, (so-called "Roundup-ready" corn), while the other two contain bacteria-derived proteins that have insecticide properties. The study made use of Monsanto's own raw data.

Quoting from the study's 'Conclusions' section:

"Our analysis highlights that the kidneys and liver as particularly important on which to focus such research as there was a clear negative impact on the function of these organs in rats consuming GM maize varieties for just 90 days."

Given the very high prevalence of corn in processed foods, this could be a real ticking time-bomb. And with food manufacturers not being required by law to declare GMO content, I think I'll do my best to avoid corn altogether. Pass the puffed rice and pour me a glass of fizzy water!

Comment Re:I guess... (Score 1) 251

Too bad; I learned on VM/CMS. Can't beat having your own virtual machine. Didn't have to deal with JCL and the MVS stuff. Only system I liked as much as Amiga OS. Customers loved VM, so of course the suits tried to kill it and champion MVS. Meh.

Yeah, yeah you responding to this post; get off my lawn!


Comment Re:According to Slashdot (Score 4, Informative) 239

Wow! Take a deep breath. The OP was using sarcasm to make his point. Although I can understand your reaction, because of the flood of corporate BS, err... doublespeak, we have been subjected to for years.
Your points are valid, and we're not all dupes of the corporations and their bribed congress critters.

Perhaps it's time to press for a Bill of Responsibilities to accompany the Bill of Rights. Things like:
When the pursuit of profit conflicts with the good of the country, it will be considered treason.

I have other thoughts along this line, but I think this is enough to illustrate what I mean and what we the people need.

Comment Re:Paper? (Score 3, Informative) 83

Flat paper speakers. Yawn. This is old news decades ago. You can do this in your living room. I did decades ago. Interleave aluminum foil and the pages of a newspaper. Your making a capacitor. Connect the separate sheets of aluminum to the final audio amplifier in a tube amplifier. One connection to ground, the other to the anode of the final amplifier tube. And yes, there be high voltage here. You now have a talking newspaper. Slashdot is supposed to be a nerd site, why are the vast majority here unaware of this?

Comment After the books, then the tool... (Score 1) 630

I see many recommendations. Let me suggest the tool to use and explore the math. APL. Powerful, easy to use, and very successfully taught to high school students.
The book, 'APL; An Interactive Approach' is a good starting point. There are many others. There are free for personal use versions of APL available.
Any questions, drop by:

RIAA Website Hacked 247

gattaca writes "A lack of security controls allowed hackers to "wipe" the Recording Industry Association of America's (RIAA) website on Sunday. The existence of an SQL injection attack on the RIAA's site came to light via social network news site Reddit. Soon after hackers were making merry, turning the site into a blank slate, among other things. The RIAA has restored, although whether it's any more secure than before remains open to question, TorrentFreak reports."

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