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Comment Re:Have you heard of the IPCC? (Score 1) 659

To paraphrase you, you can always tell the ones who failed to read and understand the comment they were replying to.

If you're going to put forth an argument, you need to be able to at least describe your argument to other people, rather than hand-wave questions away. My comment you replied to didn't make any claims about global warming, nor climate change. It asked the OP to describe their contentions about it by providing the answers to a few key questions about what they believed. If you can't answer those simple questions, then you haven't actually researched, nor thought scientifically about the issue, let alone are ready to have a rational discussion about it.

Saying AGW has lots of evidence for it, but being unable to describe what you think AGW specifically is, let alone what you think it predicts doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in your argument about prediction accuracy, let alone provide evidence for a chain of causality where people need to literally sacrifice lives to implement your preferred policies.

Comment Re:ONly Only Only (Score 1) 176

Do a google search on mobile Chrome and on mobile Firefox and you'll see that there is some useful functionality that is only available on Chrome. Specifically if you check the images search.

I don't think that's anything to do with Google. Android and Search are both very careful not to provide any favored Chrome-only APIs or services. I can't tell you why it doesn't work on mobile FF, but it's not because of anything Google has done.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 115

Oh, well, sign me up for the genius class, once you figure out how to teach people to be geniuses.

Until then, if you want to become world class, your best bet is to work with the best in the world.

In practical terms, it means if you want a world-building team you don't necessarily have to hunt across the world for every member; but you do want to build it around the most accomplished people you can find, wherever they might be. Then you let them "train up" the talented locals, rather than have ordinary mortals like you or me try to do it.

American postwar technological supremacy was largely built this way, with refugee talent from WW2 (or in the case of Werner von Braun and his team, Nazis we snatched before the Russians could scoop them up). Some of the Jewish scientists we got from Germany were literally worth more than their weight in gold. It's not that native-born Americans weren't crucial for achieving most of what we did, but they became world class because they had advantages in their colleagues and teachers. Even in the 1970s when I attended MIT, many of the senior professors there were war refugees.

Comment Re:When... (Score 1) 115

If it were about talent, then you'd reduce the number who come in on the visa, and also reduce the number that are kicked out by the visa retiring. It makes *no* sense to kick someone out who you brought in for his talent when you say you have a shortage of talent.

Really, it's just a program to facilitate offshoring.

Now I've worked with a number of H-1Bs, and some of them really are very talented and skilled, and bring a lot of value to the country. But others have pretty much rudimentary, commodity skills and don't do anything for the country but reduce wages for our own mediocre workers.

Comment Re:Well, I guess I have to be anti-immigration now (Score 1) 115

I'm guessing because the GOP would have objected loudly, since they don't believe in sterilization. Contraceptives at least are pretty easily reversed: just stop taking or using them. Procedures like vasectomies and tubal ligations require surgery to reverse, and have a significant rate of failure (with the reversing part).

Comment Re:Well, I guess I have to be anti-immigration now (Score 1) 115

Wow, you're a real sorry sack of shit, aren't you? Women always go to hospitals or at least have some kind of medical help during a delivery because complications aren't that rare and are unpredictable. Make sure you tell women your views about this stuff on the first date so they know what you really think.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 324

I can guarantee 100% no more leaks, too fucking easy, no more secrets. Lets be honest those leaks have done more service to the public than those secrets. Secrets at every level, secrets hiding corruption, secrets hiding murder, secrets hiding corruption, secrets hiding depraved sexual acts, secrets hiding corruption, secrets hiding drug dealing, secrets hiding corruption, secrets hiding arms trading and still even more secrets hiding corruption (there is a whole bunch of corruption being hidden behind falsely applied national security and in fact it is it the interest of national security that those secrets be released).

Most of the leaking is a result of blatantly corrupt political appointees engaging in criminal activity with their agencies much to the anger of full time staff for whom the words honour and integrity have real meaning. So how many corrupt pieces of shit were prosecuted for the false war for profit in Iraq, how about 11/9 (11 of September) discrepancies, how about major banskter fraud, how about selling access to government via fraudulent charities, how about pizza weirdness, how about torture to purposefully create false testimony and on it goes, high level corruption all protected by secrets and national security. A whole lot more leaking should be going on and leaks about the real stuff, their profound sickness and perversions at the highest level, the insane greed and lust for power, lets get it all.

Comment Re:Extremists = Media Manipulation (Score 1) 50

That is old world media bullshit from the last millennium, the previous centuries media state. I give you http://www.internetlivestats.c... the internet. I billion web sites, thanks to weird ideas by backwards Americans, 1 billion in this case not being a million million but only a thousand million. Looking at one per second it would take, well, a billion seconds just to click on them, let alone read every page.

Reality is people only go where they want to go. No surprise taking over of people's minds and turning them into terrorists, they go to the worst sites because they already have an interest or they are just bored, either way, no new terrorist created, the terrorist is already there just seeking confirmation of their own crazy assed bullshit.

There is a whole lot of whining going on about it in main stream media because, instead of being in control and being able to extort billions for access to the public mind space, they are just another web site, just another bunch of bloggers and when subject to more competition, well, actually, much, much, much (boy, I could type that a whole bunch of times and still not cover it) competition and they are starting to look like real corrupt bogus shite selling corporate propaganda lies as the truth, full of wank psuedo celebrities, utter narcissists, full of delusional fucking stars and bullshit musical geniuses, oh my.

The big complaint in reality, old main stream media channels are no longer able to dominate and extort billions for access to the public mind space, neither are governments. Suck it up fellas, pandoras box is open and the general public is accessible to the general public and they are finding out, they do not like what the fuck is going on with the insanely rich and and greedy, as well as their corrupt political buddies.

Reality is the more the internet exposes the better off we are and not the other way around.

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