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Comment Re:Maybe it's because... (Score 1) 331

I have a Tag from 2001. I have a Rolex from 1966. A 4 year old iWatch is trash... Not a good investment or accessory.

And what vintage is the hatorade? Replace the battery in the old iWatch and it will run circles around the Rolex as long as it's functional.

And with the Rolex, you never have to replace the battery. You never have to pair it with a smart phone. You never have to worry about an EMP. :) And it is still working after 50 years...

Comment Re:Maybe it's because... (Score 1) 331

If you are diving, you already have a much more functional "watch" on your wrist (or hanging close by).

No. I dive with my Tag. It was kind of the point of those spinning bezels. And it is good to 300 meters. The iWatch? "Update (09/12/17): The Apple Watch Series 3 is listed as "swimproof." The fine print on apple.com notes that the Series 3 Watch is water resistant up 50 meters under ISO standard 22810:2010. This means it is safe to take your watch in swimming pools or the ocean, but it should not be used for scuba diving, water skiing, or other water activities where it may be submerged in deeper water."

Comment Re: Not displaced, the users change (Score 1) 57

Like google moon shot budget is multiples of many startups that is public, Apple and amazon have multiple hope and a prayer projects or just in case. I am donâ(TM)t follow what you mean by scared of risk. Thats an insurance / bank thing

Google will never do anything disruptive with search, because that is their bread and butter. Nor with advertising. Yes, they have moonshots, but only in new markets. and never anything that might hurt YouTube, for example.

Comment Re:Apple Watch en route to set sales record in 201 (Score 1) 331

Yeah. Try getting out of your parents' basement sometime. Out here in the real world, I'd estimate that at least 50% of my coworkers have Apple Watches. Probably 75% of my friends have them. (Just to be charitable, I'm leaving out the ones who actually work for Apple.) And if you go out and about in the city (shopping, dining, socializing, etc.) it's not at all uncommon for cashiers, baristas, waiters, and bartenders to have them.

Yes, waiters and baristas are the fashion trend-setters. Those guys with the Rolex and a BMW are just wannabes.

Comment Re:Not displaced, the users change (Score 2) 57

Large companies at the top of their game are very risk averse. They have a lot to lose now, so play very conservatively. New startups have nothing to lose and take chances because of that. Most of them fail. But we only hear about the successes that took a wild chance with nothing to lose. And occasionally, one of those shots in the dark hits a bulls eye that redefines everything.

Comment Re:Maybe it's because... (Score 5, Insightful) 331

Maybe it's because I don't want an accessory on my wrist that offers almost no advantages over the cell in my pocket, meanwhile costing the same as a nice watch but looking like an 80's calculator wrist watch.

And something that is only in style for about 6 months... I have a Tag from 2001. I have a Rolex from 1966. A 4 year old iWatch is trash... Not a good investment or accessory.

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